Anavar Dbol Cycle

Wondering what’s keeping you from achieving the perfect shredded and toned physique?

Maybe the problem lies with the supplements you’re taking alongside — they aren’t boosting your muscle health and providing enough internal strength. Grab your smartphone and search online for the best supplements right now, and you’ll surely come across Anavar and DBol, among others. 

These are two highly popular steroids used by bodybuilders across the country to build strength and bulk up. In fact, with time, many have gone ahead and utilized a combination of both options to boost their bodybuilding efforts. 

But this piece of info is just a drop in the ocean — there’s much more you’ll have to know to understand whether these steroids will indeed do the trick. That’s why we’re here with this comprehensive review of the Anavar Dbol cycle. 

Without further ado, let’s jump in! 

Disclaimer: We don’t recommend taking steroids. There are safer alternatives like the products recommended below.

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Anavar Dbol Cycle 

Why Should You Stack Anavar And DBol?

Simply put, serious fitness enthusiasts and sportspersons stack these two steroids to utilize the maximum benefits of both. 

Anavar enhances the production of red blood cells in your body, while Dianabol facilitates better protein synthesis and retains nitrogen. Their combined effect results in the muscles getting more oxygen during a workout session and growing healthier in the process. 

That’s why stacking both will take your bodybuilding efforts to a different level altogether. You’ll be able to train longer and harder, which will give rise to quicker muscle gains. 

On a side note, many users prefer to take a low Dbol dosage to prevent water retention. There’s a way you can handle this — by incorporating an aromatase inhibitor or AI into your routine. 

When it came to the overall cycle structure and dosage, we observed conflicting views:

  • Some people prefer a lower dosage cycle for a shorter duration.
  • Others prefer a full load for a cycle of six to eight weeks, as they feel a low dose and shorter duration won’t work if you’re aiming high. 

Do note that the typical Anavar Dbol cycle is 30 to 40 mg of Dbol stacked with 60 mg of Anavar for 4-6 weeks. 

Best Anavar DBol Cycle Products

When it’s about choosing effective Anavar and Dbol products to start the cycle, the Strength Stack from CrazyBulk is undoubtedly the frontrunner. This stack requires you to take two other legal steroids apart from these. 

Another significant option is the stack from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, which includes just Anavar and Dianabol. 

1. CrazyBulk Strength Stack 

This stack from leading supplement brand CrazyBulk includes a combination of the steroids Anavar, Dianabol, Trenorol, and Sustanon. Do note that the last two components are included to provide maximum strength and promote proper muscle gain. 

To be specific, the contents of this stack include a bottle each of:

  • D-Bal (Dianabol derivative)
  • Trenorol (Trenbolone)
  • Anvarol (Anavar)
  • Testomax (Sustanon)

You’ll also get a strength guide in the package, which can help you determine the correct dosage. 

These steroids combine to form a powerful stack that can amplify body strength and increase muscle mass considerably. Furthermore, they help boost the natural production of testosterone, enhancing both muscle mass and strength. 

This is accompanied by quicker muscle recovery, helping you train longer and harder in the gym. Now, here’s the best part — it doesn’t have any alarming side effects and won’t require a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). Just make sure you don’t exceed the dosage that’s ideal for your body as per the recommendations of the brand. 

2. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Dianabol & Anavar Stack 

With more than four decades of experience in producing dietary supplements, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is another name worth the trust. 

Its Anavar and Dianabol stack is available both online and offline and comes in bottles of 180 tablets and 60 servings of the respective steroids. The stack can help you achieve your cutting and bulking goals simultaneously, enhancing body strength for improved performance in any sport. 

As the cycle ends, you’ll observe a marked increase in muscle mass and pumps while also feeling physically stronger. 

You’re also unlikely to experience any significant side effects as long as you take the correct dose. That said, experts recommend following a PCT comprising Arimiplex to hold on to the lean muscle gains and decrease cortisol levels post the cycle. 

It’s now time for a closer look at the various ways each of these steroids can benefit your body.

The Benefits Of Anavar

1. Vascularity

There’s no bodybuilder who doesn’t want a physique with several prominent, highly visible, and extremely ramified veins. Such a feature makes the skin appear “thinner” and, at times, almost transparent owing to reduced subcutaneous fat. 

The ability of Anavar to boost vascularity is a major reason why it’s becoming increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts. Though steroids like Winny or Winstrol are even more popular, this one can fetch you commendable results in the form of dry, well-cut, and hard muscles. 

Interestingly, people who opt for bulking cycles with Deca, Sustanon, and Dianabol prefer shedding body fat using Anavar. 

Here’s a point of caution — this cutting steroid loses out to options like Winstrol because it’s difficult to source and can be much more expensive. So, we’d recommend exercising caution before trying out Anavar or a related stack from a lesser-known brand. 

2. Moderate Muscle Gains

By now, you know that muscle gains are a significant benefit of taking this steroid. Let’s now learn how the formulation makes it possible. 

Anavar is formulated to stimulate and transfer ATP to the muscle cells, with the compound serving as a major energy source for the muscles. It helps retain nitrogen in the body and synthesize the proteins, facilitating the buildup of lean muscle mass. 

That said, the gain won’t be as much as in the case of steroids that let you bulk up more, such as Deca Durabolin and Testosterone. It is rather designed to impart great strength and build optimal muscle mass in the course of a cycle. 

If you want to focus on increasing muscle size, we’d strongly suggest going for a 12-week cycle of Sustanon 250 or Testosterone, as they’ll be much more effective. 

3. Enhanced Strength 

Anavar basically helps increase the density of your muscles without a significant increase in their size. And that’s the key to enhancing physical strength. This steroid forms part of the strength cycle that bodybuilders adopt to invigorate their bodybuilding sessions or get over workout plateaus. 

Furthermore, lots of sportspersons, including athletes, use it to enhance strength for their on-field performance. 

4. Fat Loss

That Anavar acts as a fat-burner is a widespread misconception in the fitness world, but it’s still capable of reducing body fat to some extent. The increase in muscle mass in the body helps it burn more fat with every workout or sports practice session. 

As a result, you’re left with muscles that are ultra-lean. It’s worth noting here that a calorie deficit or proper diet can be a major step in achieving the desired cutting results during an Anavar cycle. Additionally, it can prevent water retention within the body. 

Such a routine gives rise to a three-fold effect:

  • No muscle loss
  • Slight increase in fat burning
  • Zero water retention 

The ultimate result? You achieve a hard and perfectly lean body with the ideal vascularity. 

The Benefits Of Dbol

1. Massive Gain In Muscle Mass

First and foremost, users of Dianabol laud its capacity to promote rapid muscle growth within a short duration. 

The trick is the anabolic nature of this steroid that enhances protein synthesis within cells, resulting in the buildup of cellular tissue in the muscles. This naturally leads to an increase in muscle size and boosts testosterone production. 

Also, as we mentioned earlier, Dianabol can enhance the body’s nitrogen retention. It works by transporting nitrogen to the tissue, where it breaks down and converts into protein. Subsequently, the proteins formed are taken in by muscle tissues for further growth.

2. Faster Recovery

The influx of protein in the muscle tissues also aids in faster and more effective muscle recovery. When the muscle tissues are nourished, they recover from inflammation and grow stronger within a lesser duration, cutting short the overall recovery time. 

This will allow you to train a particular body part several times weekly, resulting in substantial muscle size gains. Ultimately, you won’t feel as exhausted between consecutive workout sessions and can achieve your dream physique faster. 

3. Quicker Fat Burning

As Dianabol boosts muscle growth, it triggers the muscles to use the energy stored in the fatty acid bonds. That’s how the bulking steroid burns a large amount of fat to reduce long-thriving fat stores, besides helping you bulk up. 

As such, a major section of bodybuilders uses Dianabol to achieve a noticeable reduction in body weight. 

4. Faster Results

Dianabol carries out the above-mentioned processes much faster than many other steroids. As such, you can notice a marked increase in your muscle mass and strength in just three to four days. 

Some Concerns Of Anavar And DBol Intake

While Anavar and Dianabol can significantly improve your physique, know that they don’t come without side reactions. The latter can have serious adverse effects, so you must be extra-cautious while incorporating it into your daily schedule. As for Anavar, it’s a relatively milder steroid compared to Deca, Dianabol, Sustanon, and Trenbolone. 

Let’s now learn about the risks that each of these anabolic steroids poses to your health:

A. Anavar 

  • Skin and hair problems: The increase in testosterone levels might cause acne or hair loss, which is especially seen in people with sensitive skin or hair. 
  • Change in the lipid profile: It can, in some cases, change the lipid profile by increasing blood pressure and LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol. 
  • Insomnia: It may disturb the sleeping pattern, leading to increased stress levels. 
  • Anxiety: Anavar may affect the psyche, making you anxious and causing mood swings. 

B. Dianabol 

  • Cardiovascular effects: This steroid can tank your levels of HDL cholesterol while enhancing LDL cholesterol significantly. 
  • Estrogenic effects: It may aromatize testosterone into estrogen, the female hormone, leading to bloating, water retention, gynecomastia, etc. 
  • Liver side effects: In case the liver attempts to break down the steroid, it can damage itself to some extent. 
  • Androgenic effects: These refer to symptoms such as acne and other skin breakouts, hair loss, etc. 

Is Anavar Likely To Suppress Testosterone?  

If you’ve taken steroids before, you’ll know that most of these are considered to affect testosterone negatively. They work by increasing testosterone levels artificially, so much so that there might be an excess of the hormone in the body. 

This will result in a decrease in natural testosterone production, in turn leading to many unwanted effects on the body. 

But that isn’t the case with Anavar, as it doesn’t work with testosterone and instead uses dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This hormone is a more powerful form of testosterone and doesn’t come with the side effects of the former. 

Plus, you can consume Anavar in smaller quantities if you’re concerned about its side effects. A dosage of just 20 mg can provide good results, and you can get away without going through a PCT, unlike other hormones. 

Can Women Opt For Anavar And Dbol? 

Let’s take up Anavar first — it’s one of the most popular steroids among women bodybuilders mainly because it enhances muscle health and burns fat to some extent. Women can also expect an increase in their on-field energy and aggression. 

In other words, Anavar can help the body reach “an anabolic state” where it can promote muscle growth and development. A faster fat-burning process is also triggered, ensuring sufficient energy supply during a workout. Ultimately, women will witness faster changes in their physique and will hit the gym with renewed motivation. 

It also scores high in safety, as its DHT content rules out chances of conversion into estrogen while keeping muscle development unaffected. 

On the other hand, Dianabol isn’t recommended for women as they have very low levels of testosterone, and anything more than that could give rise to major side effects. Do note that some women bodybuilders do take this steroid, but in very small amounts. 

A greater intake can lead to the development of bulky muscles, may affect their menstrual cycle, and even lead to skin problems and hair loss. That’s not all; the hormonal changes triggered can, in turn, lead to mood swings and other emotional problems. 


1. What’s the ideal dosage for an Anavar Dbol cycle?

For a 3 to 4-week Anavar Dbol cycle with stacks such as those from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, the recommended dosage pattern is as follows:

  • Week 1-4: Anavar – 3 capsules each during morning and afternoon
  • Week 1-4: Dianabol – 2-3 capsules or helpings each day

If you opt for the more intensive 6 to 8-week cycle, you’ll have to follow the same pattern for the entire period. Do note that you’ll need two product stacks for this cycle.

Side by side, you’ll need to work on increasing your calories and getting enough sleep to maximize the gains.

2. How can you prevent major side effects of Anavar and Dbol?

We’d strictly recommend not exceeding the prescribed dosage to avoid any major side effects. However, if you do observe any of the symptoms discussed above, don’t delay consulting a physician to see if the dosage will need changing. 

3. For how long should bodybuilders take Dbol? 

Typically, bodybuilders run a Dbol cycle at 25 mg daily for eight weeks while taking Testosterone (Ester) alongside. You may even go for a 50 mg/day cycle for the same duration or a standalone D-Bal ( the legal Dianabol alternative from CrazyBulk). 

4. Is taking Dianabol legal, and how can you purchase it?

Know that Dianabol is a restricted steroid, and you can’t procure it without a physician’s prescription. As for its availability, you can find the steroid on a number of online retail platforms. 

Final Words

All set to incorporate the Anavar Dbol cycle into your fitness regime? With a regulated dosage and the right amount of workout, it won’t be long before you’re in the physique you always wanted. 

We’ve put days of research and first-hand inputs from long-time users into curating this guide, so rest assured that you’ll get good results minus major side effects. However, do make sure that you’re opting for a cycle suitable for your health.

Here’s a last piece of advice before we sign off. Once you decide to go ahead with this cycle, do get in touch with a reliable and experienced dietician who can prescribe a proper diet to follow during the cycle. This will help maximize the benefits and maintain your health throughout.

It’s time for us to sign off now, but see you soon with a new review-based guide!

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