Best Lunch Box For Bodybuilders

When you are a bodybuilder looking for a good lunchbox, there are many things to be kept in mind. 

Finding the right lunch box among plenty of options can take a lot of work. You will have to take into consideration its durability, spaciousness, and its ease of use. Apart from that, it should allow you to carry all the necessary items, like protein bars and protein shakes, besides all your meals.

So, today, this article will be taking a look at some of the best lunchboxes for a professional or an aspiring bodybuilder, along with some helpful tips on how to prepare the best meals. Read on to find out what makes each of these lunchboxes unique and if it’s the correct option for you.

Let’s get started, then! 

6 Best Lunchboxes For Bodybuilders 

1. ThinkFit Insulated Meal Prep Lunch Box  

If you are someone who takes fitness into serious consideration and would like a meal prep set that is professional, the ThinkFit kit ticks many boxes. With six meal containers, a pill box, a shaker cup, and two ice packs that are reusable, this kit is perfect for people with frequent gym routines or hectic schedules. The kit is leakproof, thanks to their tightly sealed lids , which are also easy to clean. 

This reusable lunch bag kit is microwave and freezer-safe. An added feature of the ThinkFit meal prep kit is that it has double insulation, which allows you to have cold or hot food. The bag in itself is well made with adjustable straps that lay streamlined on your body. You won’t have to have to worry about broken zippers with this bag as it is made with YKK zippers that are known for being long-lasting. 


The lunch bag provided can be pretty small in size, so if you want to carry lots of things, this bag would only accommodate some of it. 


With double insulation and tightly sealed food and drink containers, the ThinkFits meal prep kit is definitely an ideal option for a busy bodybuilder. Not only does it give you a high-quality bag with many compartments, but it also provides reusable ice packs, a pill box, and a shaker for your protein shakes. 

2. Fit & Fresh Jaxx Meal Prep Bag

Jaxx meal prep bags are your friend if you are someone who has just recently begun their fitness journey. These bags are designed to take up little space in your gym bag, so you can bring more gym supplements and gear if needed. With six lunch boxes that are four 2-cup and two 1-cup containers, you can stay precise when measuring your food. You also get an ice pack that keeps your food fresh throughout the day.

Additionally, the shakers provided with the kit are leakproof. You can make your protein shake on the go and stay worry-free about them spilling or leaking on your clothes and bag. Apart from being microwave and freezer-safe, you can throw these containers into the dishwasher thanks to them being dishwasher-safe. The bag is made of high-quality insulating material that keeps your food fresh and frolic. It has a compact bag that is extremely easy to carry around. 


The containers can be a problem when it comes to the seal as it isn’t tight enough and it can increase the chances of food spillage. 


The Jaxx meal prep bags are ideal for anybody new to fitness. Not only are they easy to use and clean, but they have all the necessary items a fitness novice would need. 

3. A2S Complete Meal Prep Lunch Box 

With multiple compartments and containers, this lunch bag allows you to have a well-balanced meal every day. It comprises three spill-proof containers, making them perfect for long days in the gym. They are made of BPA-free plastic with inserts that can be removed, allowing you more portion control for all your meals.The meal prep bag is extremely spacious and allows you to carry breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

However, it does not take up much space in your car or refrigerator. Add-ons you can expect with this kit include a stainless steel spoon and fork, three reusable gel ice packs and a portable thermos. Apart from that, the bag comes in various colours. So, you can choose to be healthy and stylish simultaneously. Besides, you can easily wipe it down with a damp sponge or a wipe cloth. 


Though the bag has many features, it’s more expensive than the other options and may not fit every budget. 


The A2S meal prepping kit can be an ideal for someone who may not have the time to cook frequently throughout the day and may prefer bulk cooking. You do not have to worry about missing your meals before hitting the gym, as this kit allows you to carry all essential items in high-quality containers. 

4. Meal Prep Insulated Lunch Bag For Bodybuilders 

This six container meal bag is a perfect bag for a busy bodybuilder. Made with high-quality materials, the bag keeps your food insulated for 12-16 hours. Besides, it provides easy access to your meal containers with the two compartments, one on the top of the bag and another on the front. While the kit comes with 12 meal containers of varying sizes, the containers come in 4 different sizes, which are 12oz, 16oz, 28oz, and 38oz. 

You can control your portions with these containers and they are made with BPA-free plastic which is microwave, dishwasher, and freezer-safe. The bag itself is quite well made, with an adjustable and comfortable shoulder strap and sturdy carrying handle for extra convenience. Moreover, it has three mesh pockets that allow you to carry essentials that you would need in your gym. 


A noticeable drawback is the lack of a protein shaker cup, which is an essential item for most bodybuilders. 


If you have a long day at work, this meal prep kit will work for you. It has a fully insulated main compartment and can keep your food warm or cold for extended periods. 

5. Meal Prep Lunch Box ISOBAG- Large 

This meal prep kit is mainly designed for professional bodybuilders who require multiple meals throughout the day to maintain their diet and fitness goals. It contains 12 containers and three ice packs. The bag is extremely compact and can fit into most conventional gym bags without any issues. It can accommodate all the containers due to its multiple storage system and spacious interior. 

The containers are stackable and made with BPA-free plastic, and adding the gel ice packs will ensure your food stays cold for around 10  to 14 hours. This meal prep kit can come in handy for those long days when time is scarce. It allows you to store all the food you would need and keeps it fresh for a long time.


The containers, though functional, are fragile, so the longevity of these containers can be a slight problem. 


This meal prep kit can be suitable for people who carry around their gym bag everywhere, as it’s extremely compact and can fit into most standard gym bags. With insulation properties, this kit can keep your meals fresh and at the right temperature for long periods of time.

6. Isolator Fitness ISOMINI Meal Prep Kit 

This small meal prep bag from Isolator Fitness has a spacious interior that can hold all your food and other snacks. The insulated bag keeps your food fresh the entire day, so you don’t have to choose between healthy and fresh for your meals. It comes with 4 meal containers that are stackable and an ice pack that keeps the food cold and fresh. 

Along with two compartments at the top and the front, the bag also has mesh pockets sewn into them, which can hold small accessories or gyming gear. The zippers are made of durable materials making it ideal for rough use. Apart from the zippers, the bag has well-made shoulder straps with removable padding. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the bag being bulky or heavy. It is a compact bag that is extremely lightweight and can fit into your gym bag effortlessly. 


A common drawback that users of this meal prep kit have mentioned is the lack of space, as it can only accommodate a few large containers. 


The ISOMINI meal prep bag can be a good choice for almost anyone due to easy-to-access compartments and compact size that facilitates portability. It comes with 4 meal containers that keep your food sealed and locked in throughout the day, and you can easily wash them in your dishwasher when needed. 


1. What Should You Keep In Mind When Looking For Lunch Box Containers? 

A. Leak Proof And Airtight Containers

When purchasing a lunch box container, the first and foremost thing to remember is the lid’s quality. If you carry your food to work and the gym, the last thing you would want is for it to spill all over your bag and clothes. 

Make sure you pick a container with an airtight lid made of good-quality plastic. An effective  way to test if a container is leak proof is by pouring some water in it, closing the lid, and tilting it side to see if there’s any spillage. You can also shake the container to check for spills. 

B. Good Quality Plastic 

If you carry your food with you for long periods, the food can become cold after some time. Naturally, when this happens, you would want to heat up your food by putting the container in the microwave. But the plastic can melt and merge with your food if it’s not microwave-safe. Not only is this highly unsafe for consumption, but it also makes it harder to clean. 

So, make sure you get plastic meal containers that are microwave-safe to avoid any health concerns. 

C. Portability 

While you keep other points in mind, it is also necessary to focus on the portability of the containers. Ideally, these containers are used to carry food around, and a bulky, heavy container can be hard to carry around and will take up considerable space in your bag. Ensure you get containers that are lightweight and can fit into small spaces. 

2. Which Is Better: Glass Or Plastic Container? 

Both these containers come with advantages and can be a good option, depending on your needs. However, here are are a few things that can help you make a suitable choice:

A. Glass Containers 

Glass containers are long-lasting and are easy to clean and store. However, these containers are pretty heavy when compared to their plastic counterparts and can be slightly more expensive. If you are concerned about using containers made out of plastic in a microwave, glass containers can be a viable option for you. 

Considering budget and weight are not an issue, glass containers work pretty well. 

B. Plastic Containers 

These containers are ideal if you have a very mobile lifestyle. They are lightweight and pretty portable. Since they cost a lot less when compared to glass containers, buying various sizes of these containers won’t burn a hole in your pocket. They can also be easily disposed of if needed. 

Although it may be hard to find containers that are made of plastic yet are safe to be used in the microwave or the freezer, it is not an impossible task. In short, a plastic container can be ideal if you need a portable container to carry your food around. 

3. Why Do Bodybuilders Need A Lunchbox?

Being healthy and staying fit is a priority for many people, which is why a good lunch box filled with a healthy meal is necessary for every aspiring bodybuilder. We’re focusing on bodybuilders because they may require their food to carry around without getting spoilt despite the changing temperature outside.

While an average lunch box can work for many individuals, bodybuilders have extremely different requirements such as a lunchbox that can hold up to even eight meals a day. And this kind of capacity can be non-existential in any other regular lunchbox. Since bodybuilders have a proper meal management routine, a lunchbox that can not only hold more amounts of food, but its different compartments can also be used to carry snacks and supplements crucial to their diet.

4. What Should You Include In A Bodybuilding Lunchbox? 

The most important thing to plan a bodybuilding lunch box is adequate knowledge about the ingredients that should be consumed by the user. 

When it comes to food, bodybuilders usually have a different and more specific diet compared to the usual food we eat on an everyday basis. For instance, they generally put a lot of focus on their consumption of total calories and their maintenance of micronutrient balance that will help their training, especially for muscle gain.

As such, a great way to eat healthier and get the proper calorie intake is by taking a lunch box filled with nutritious meals. This way, they can fulfil their required nutrition intake (including protein shakes) throughout the day without compromising any meal.

These lunch boxes should be highly balanced in protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Variety is also a vital feature of a great lunchbox. You can have snacks, drinks, and any other item different from your main course. And the fun part is that you get to decide what you put in your lunchbox for the day. 

Ideally, the things included in a bodybuilding lunch box can include (but isn’t restricted to):

  • Bread
  • Cheese
  • Crackers
  • Fruits 
  • Nuts 
  • Carrots 
  • Celery 
  • Cucumber
  • Lettuce 
  • Tomatoes 
  • Beans 
  • Smoked salmon
  • Chutney 

Additionally, ensure that every meal you have is filling- not just in terms of quantity but also in terms of nutrition. And include healthy snacks to munch on during the day.


A bodybuilder does not only mean somebody who visits the gym frequently but also someone who consumes a healthy meal everyday. Healthy eating is integral to every bodybuilder’s routine, whether a beginner or a professional. And these lunch boxes can be a great way to ensure you get your daily calorie and protein intake and stay on top of the game. 

With that said, we feel the best product for everyday use will be the A2S complete meal prep lunchbox. If budget is not of concern, this kit can definitely be one that checks off all the boxes. Your food will stay fresh with the high-quality containers even at different temperatures throughout the day.

And the Thinkfit insulated bag is a close second. It is very compact, allowing you to carry it effortlessly. Though the bag may be smaller than other options on the market, it can effectively keep your food fresh. The bag comes with many compartments, containers, a shaker, and a pill dispenser at a good price that should suit most budgets.

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