The Best Under Desk Treadmill for Heavy Person

Most people lead unhealthy lives because they sit for long periods and don’t move around. We understand that the problem is a lack of time. You cannot find time to work on yourself, and going to the gym is not an option. But what if we told you that you could work and exercise side by side?

Under-desk treadmills are a fantastic option for those looking for opportunities to lose weight. With an under-desk treadmill, you can continue doing your work while walking or light jogging. 

But to find an excellent under-desk treadmill, you must have some basic information. By the time you finish this article, you will have a brief review of popular treadmills and where to find them.

The 5 Best Under Desk Treadmills

  1. Exerpeutic 5000 ExerWork 20
  2. Exerpeutic TF 1000
  3. iMovR ThermoTread GT Desk Treadmill
  4. Inmovement UnSit under desk treadmill3
  5. LifeSpan Fitness Under Desk Walking Treadmill

Here’s a detailed review of each:

1. Exerpeutic 5000 ExerWork 20

The Exerpeutic 5000 ExerWork 20 does an excellent job of allowing you to have fitness and productivity in one package. With this heavy-duty machine, you can combine a standing desk with your treadmill and stay active while getting the work done. 

This Exerpeutic treadmill is spaciously designed, incredibly easy to use, and provides safe functionality. Its large, adjustable desktop makes it stand out from other machines. With this, you can exercise, watch movies, or do office work.

This under-desk treadmill is made to be used for hours without getting tired. The motor works seamlessly, without any noise, so you can work or study peacefully.

With this model, you don’t need to buy a separate desk to stand and work on your laptop, unlike most models. Rather than spend extra time exercising, you can multitask with this desk treadmill.


Although the treadmill weighs about 191.7 lbs, it can support a user’s weight of 325 lbs, making the Exerpeutic 5000 ideal for heavy or overweight users. 

With a belt size of  46″ L x 20″ W, the heavy-duty frame of this treadmill provides enough space for a full walking tread. This model has a speed range of 0.6 to 4.0 mph in 1 mph increments thanks to its commercial-grade motor.

The LED offers four options: time in seconds, distance traveled, speed on the treadmill, and total calories burned. You can adjust the settings using the keys on the right side and conveniently choose your preferred measurement units, such as kph or mph. 

With all that said, this treadmill does have a few downsides, such as no USB charging port on the console and no Bluetooth connectivity. Aside from these two, it’s a great treadmill, perfect for heavy users.


  • Smooth, noiseless working
  • Easily detach the treadmill to use the desktop as a standing desk
  • Five preset workout programs with three goal settings
  • Convenient buttons to change treadmill settings
  • Backlit LCD to access vital data points
  • Suitable for tall persons with long strides
  • Relatively affordable


  • No wireless connectivity
  • Assembling it is a bit tricky, even with the manual

2. Exerpeutic TF 1000

The Exerpeutic TF 1000 High Capacity Walk to Fitness Electric Treadmill can be folded up. This different and unique name is not just for the name’s sake. The manufacturers have carefully chosen the name to exhibit the product’s practicality. 

This treadmill is suitable for people of all weights. TF 1000 can accommodate much higher loads, i.e., up to 400 lbs. 

If you want a treadmill for walking or light running, this is the best option. There is a difference between walking on a treadmill and running. With this treadmill, you can walk up to 4 mph with an increment of 0.1 mph. 

Also, this treadmill is powered by a 1.5 HP motor instead of being powered by hand.


It has a walking surface of about 20 by 40 feet. The frame is compact and sturdy, and this treadmill is 51 inches long and 32 inches wide. You can fold the frame for ease of storage and portability. 

The console is small and is placed on the standing desk. It has a simple display screen but runs programs to track calories burned, distance walked, and speed. It has a heart-rate detector. The only main drawback is that it does not have a workout data program for tracking.

We’ve already talked about how this treadmill’s capacity is one of its most essential features. The machine has a weight limit of 400 lbs., while treadmills of other brands only offer a maximum user weight of up to 200–250 lbs. 

The treadmill has a safety mechanism that allows the user to be safe if they slip off the track. The safety is connected to the user’s clothing via a cord, stopping the treadmill motor if pulled out. 


  • Best high-weight capacity among other products
  • Easy assembly and best for an overweight person
  • 5-year warranty of labor
  • 10-year warranty of frame and motor
  • Safety rails and key
  • Foldable frame
  • The length of the safety rails is suitable for seniors and those in physical therapy
  • Suitable for a tall person


  • Does not have an incline
  • Poorly cushioned
  • No other features, such as Bluetooth connectivity and a USB charging port

3. iMovR ThermoTread GT Desk Treadmill

iMovR is currently the top-rated company whose motto is against the “sitting disease.” They live up to this motto by making high-quality products like the iMovR ThermoTread GT Desk Treadmill. 

The iMovR is among the first treadmills designed to enhance one’s work-life routine. It includes keeping your calorie count and recording it even after sitting down. 

It can fully provide you with the information you need to know, such as when to take a break or rest. Although it is on a costlier scale, its features are worth the price range. The treadmill can be of great use if you have a home office setup. 


The iMovR ThermoTread GT has a 3.0 HP motor. It can do 4000 rpm, and its maximum limit for holding a person is 400 lbs. 

The running speed allowed is from 0.5 to 2.5 mph, and the noise level is about 42.7 dB, which is the lowest in terms of what you will find in the market. 

The belt is a 2-ply fabric composed of 2.5 mm rubber that needs to be lubricated after every 40 hours and lubricated for about 1 minute.

The console of this machine is very smooth and neat in appearance. It has an LCD screen and a USB charging port if you want to upgrade the software. 

The information display includes speed, time, distance, and burned calories. The walking track is approximately 20 by 50 inches and enables you to move freely while getting support from the sides. It has six compression shocks installed so you can walk comfortably and smoothly for long periods. 


  • Personal profiles of a total of five can be created that will track your progress
  • Can connect to Wi-Fi
  • Syncs with iMovR CloudStation to keep track of the steps, data, and other controls
  • Effective burning of calories
  • Downloads can be made through USB
  • The sturdy frame has a lifetime warranty
  • The motor has a three-year warranty
  • A one-year labor warranty is provided
  • Compatible in any space, whether it’s your home or office 


  • It does not come with a standing desk
  • It might be more expensive than other walking treadmills

4. Inmovement UnSit Under Desk Treadmill

The UnSit under-desk treadmill, manufactured by Inmovement, is one of the best under-desk treadmills. It is specifically designed for light exercise along with work in office space. 

One key feature of this treadmill that makes it different from others is that it is shorter and broader. That is, the treadmill will not take up space behind you or overlap with the space of other coworkers. 


It operates on a 2.75 HP motor. The motor has smooth operation and generates little to no noise. This feature is highly appreciated, especially if you plan to use it in a shared space. 

In an office environment, you cannot afford to work out on a treadmill that keeps making noise and disturbing others. 

The belt is lightly textured, making it safe and comfortable to walk on in your regular office shoes. Due to the unique texture, you need not worry about slipping. 

Compared to other treadmills, the belt on this one is thicker. This means the belt’s life is longer and more durable, with an additional softer feel under the foot. 

Moreover, the walking belt size is enough for a full stride. You can walk comfortably on the walking belt space without worrying too much about slipping because of the safety side rails.

The cushioning is enough to let you walk on the belt in different shoes. Even light exercise calls for athletic shoes for gym treadmills, which is inconvenient when you are in the office. 

You do not need to wear specific shoes for this treadmill because of the excellent cushioning. The cushioning in the deck is very supportive and helps absorb shock when the belt takes too much of a hit. The cushioning is just the right proportion to support body mechanics. 

Moreover, it can support weights up to 400 lbs. The top speed offered by this model is 2 mph. Yes, this is a slow pace because you will work while walking. If your speed exceeds this limit, working while running will be both difficult and dangerous. 


  • Perfect for office use
  • Little noise output
  • The 5-inch step-up height makes getting on and off easy
  • It will turn on for users over 70 pounds, thus safe for pets and children
  • Safety side rails
  • Two front-mounted wheels for moving the treadmill around
  • Powerful motor
  • White color is sleek and fits well in any office workspace


  • Set up does not include a desk
  • Finding a compatible desk is hard
  • Slightly more costly than other walking treadmills

5. LifeSpan Fitness Under Desk Walking Treadmill

As an alternative to the above products, Lifespan’s TR5000 DT3 might just be the most suitable. It is a heavy-duty treadmill that can be used easily in your office under your standing desk. The machine has a console placed on your standing desk. You can use it to adjust settings regarding the speed of your walking treadmill.

One of the differentiating qualities this machine has is that it operates on LifeSpan’s IntelliStep technology. This technology automatically powers off when you are done working out, the moment you take your feet off the treadmill.

This model does not include a desk, so be sure you have a desk that allows you to stand straight without leaning over it. Instead of sitting on a chair during a large part of your day, you can purchase this under-desk treadmill and walk in between work sessions.


The belt size is 20×50, providing enough space for a full walking tread. The belt type is maintenance-free Habasit and is around one inch thick.

The DT3 under-desk treadmill is designed so that you can use it for hours without worrying. Thanks to the 3 HP continuous commercial grade motor used in this model, it allows a speed range of 0.4 to 4.0 mph. The operation of this motor is so smooth that you will need belt markings to let you know it is moving.

On the LED, you can see the number of calories burned, the number of steps, the distance walked, and the speed of the walking belt. You can adjust the walking speed and change the unit of distance traveled, such as kph or mph, as per your choice.

The portable console is not that compact but can be easily placed on the desk. Additionally, this model has a USB charging port on the console to charge your phone side by side. Moreover, it has Bluetooth connectivity to connect with other devices.

The treadmill weighs around 119 lbs, but it can withstand 400 lbs of the user’s weight. As a result, the DT3 is ideal for heavy to overweight users. Moreover, it can support tall individuals with long strides.


  • Extremely quiet and smooth operation
  • Automatic turn-off mechanism when not in use
  • Different people can use it for part-time workers
  • Settings can resume from where you left off
  • Suitable for tall person
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Tracking of calories burned, speed and distance traveled
  • Affordable price


  • It does not include a standing desk
  • The console is slightly large, so make sure you got enough room on the standing desk

Buying Guide For Choosing the Best Under Desk Treadmill

You might be confused by the variety of treadmills when you go to the market. So to get the best under-desk treadmill, you need to have some basic know-how about treadmills and what to look for while getting one for yourself. 

Following are some factors to consider while shopping for an under-desk treadmill. 


The first thing you need to take care of is the size. It is essential to see how much room is available in your office space. Based on this information, select the treadmill with suitable dimensions. 

Moreover, consider whether the standing desk is included in the setup. If not, do not go for such treadmills if you run into space issues in the office. One tip is to always consider the height of the treadmill’s base to avoid future inconvenience.

Motor Power

While shopping for an under-desk treadmill, a motor is an excellent place to start. Some numbers are written on the user manual or specs, usually indicating the motor power. 

Motor power is measured in horsepower (hp). Since under-desk treadmills are made for light jogging at work, they don’t usually need much power. 

The motor requires more torque for a slow pace, thus calling for a more robust engine. So, go for a motor with 1-3 hp if you want to use the treadmill at a consistent pace. When looking for lower speed, it is preferable to go with power closer to 3 hp.

Maximum User Weight

This is very important to consider when buying fitness equipment, even for your home gym. To safely use the product, you need to know the maximum weight the treadmill can bear. 

The maximum user weight gives you a rough idea of how sturdy a treadmill is. Treadmills with a higher maximum user weight capacity are more likely to be durable.

Also, if you choose a treadmill that can’t hold your weight, it will break down quickly. Also, if you are not the only one using the treadmill, choose one that can accommodate all users’ weights.


Last but not least, the warranty is a must-check parameter when you are out to get an under-desk treadmill. Before making a final decision, check the product’s warranty. 

This is a backup plan in case of any physical damage to the treadmill machine, so you do not have to dish out extra cash to have it fixed. The warranty time speaks a lot about the quality of the machine. Higher-quality treadmills tend to have lifetime warranties. 

On the other hand, cheaper treadmills made out of substandard materials have a short warranty period. So, make an informed decision and determine how long the manufacturer will cover any damages to the parts or motor.

Customer Reviews

Consumer reviews are one of the best ways to see if purchasing a product from a particular brand will be worth it. Customers usually share their experiences with accurate products. 

A company that values its customers and treats them professionally is a customer priority. Check them out and choose the best under-desk treadmills offered by such companies. 

Ease of Use

Other than the price, people looking to buy a particular product also show interest in its ease of use. A complicated setup or installation process usually hinders people from getting into such products. 

A machine that is easy to use always stands out from the pack. So in the list of the best under-desk treadmills, choose machines that are super easy to use daily in office space.

Manufacturer Reputation

The reputation of the manufacturing industry or brand says a lot about the quality of its products. A good business prioritizes customer service and product quality above all else. 

Only consider under-desk treadmills from reputable companies that follow best practices in the industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is an under-desk treadmill?

An under-desk treadmill, just as the name indicates, is a treadmill that can fit under your desk. Yes, that sounds simple, but there is more to that. 

The treadmills come under the category of treadmills without a workstation. That means you get to pick your standing desk. One of the perks of having your standing desk is having more workspace. 

Standing desks are the best if you want to work while standing up. An under-desk treadmill is more or less just the base of a traditional walking treadmill. Moreover, walking treadmills have rails and consoles.

Most people like under-desk treadmills because they are much quieter than other walking treadmills. You do not want a tall, heavy, noisy treadmill in your office environment. 

This is why desk treadmills are perfect for workplaces. They are lightweight and compact machines that allow you to exercise during work hours. If you already own a standing desk at work, you must place a treadmill under it. 

Q2. How do I choose treadmill desks?

Consumers are usually more concerned with the products’ prices before even getting into the specs and other important stuff. This is especially true when it comes to expensive things like fitness equipment. 

For fitness equipment, material quality matters most. The material must be solid and durable enough to tolerate the load when people use it.

Q3. How much weight can you lose on an under-desk treadmill?

The results of a study suggest you can burn up to 100 calories by walking on an under-desk treadmill at a slow speed. For example, if we multiply this number by 3, you can lose up to three times more if you spend three hours lightly jogging while working; that, too, with minimal effort. 

Q4: Is it hard to type on a treadmill desk?

Generally, it is not an issue. If you exceed the limit, you will have trouble managing work and walking side by side. The trick is to keep a slow and consistent pace. So as long as you stay at a slow speed, you will not face such problems.

Q5. Are under-desk treadmills good for running?

If you want more than light jogging during work, opt for a gym treadmill instead of under-desk treadmills. Underwork treadmills are designed for light and slow exercise. Hence, if you want to keep running, investing in a treadmill dedicated to such activities is best. Moreover, under-desk treadmills are best for a slow pace at work. 

It can be challenging to juggle work and running in the office. But, if you want to, you can use a treadmill while listening to meetings or reports instead of using it when you need to type something. 

Q6. Will my under-desk treadmill make noise?

Under-desk treadmill designs easily fit in with the office environment. This fitness machine is one of the quietest walking treadmills, so you don’t have to worry about it. You could even use it at work.

Gym treadmills can make a lot of noise, but under-desk treadmills usually have a decibel level of 40–60, so noise does not pose many issues. Moreover, under-desk treadmills are designed to be as quiet as possible to avoid distracting other people when you use them.


Under-desk treadmills are the way to go if you want to incorporate exercise into your work life. No more sedentary office life, as they help keep you more active throughout the day. Under-desk treadmills are one of the most efficient ways to lose weight, even with limited time and space. 

While making a list, we chose budget-friendly products for the buyers. Also, we ensured that the under-desk treadmills on our list were of the best quality.

Now that you know everything you need to purchase an under-desk treadmill, you can get your own and start a healthier lifestyle.

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