Bodyblade Review: Does It Work?

Bodyblade is a piece of exercise equipment designed by physical therapist Bruce Hymanson in 1991. It was designed to be a tool to help work out the whole body. 

You might be wondering how Bodyblade is used in total body workouts without you lifting any weight or having to do any highly strenuous activity. The Bodyblade system works using rapid contraction technology.

The force you use to move the blade (flex intensity) determines the resistance your body gives to withstand its movement. The resistance allows you to contract the muscles you need at a given time. 

Your muscles can contract up to 270 times in one minute; this contraction helps strengthen different muscle groups in the body. The more you use the blade, the more these muscle groups are strengthened. However, it is important to note that your body position and movement affect the outcome. 

If you want an effective tool that helps tighten muscles and tone your body, then get a Body blade! You can also use it as a rehab tool to recover faster from injuries or as an addition to your physical therapy routine.

Body Blade Types

One of the great things about the Bodyblade is that it comes in different sizes and variations. This is to ensure that it is able to cater to as much of the population as possible. Moreover, each of the blades is better suited for a certain demographic. 

There are three different Bodyblade models. They are the following:

  1. Bodyblade CxT – Best for Beginners

Of the three blades, this has the most lightweight resistance system. It provides all the training benefits of Bodyblade but at a low intensity. It is also very light to carry, so it is suited for children and older adults who may not have as much energy. 

It’s great for group exercise classes as well since everyone would be able to wield it easily. Lastly, anyone new to strength and resistance training may benefit from starting with this blade before working their way up to the other two blades.

Furthermore, it is great for physical therapy as it can help with muscle acceleration and activation. It activates your muscles to contract and relax at the right time, helping with coordination and functional movement. For this reason, people with issues with their motor skills might prefer this blade for its particular responsiveness.

  1. Bodyblade Classic Kit – Best for Intermediate Users

The classic Bodyblade kit is the next in line after the CxT blade. It is longer and a bit heavier but provides greater controlled force for the user. 

Of the three blades, its manufacturers claim that it provides the greatest range of resistance so it can cater to the most set of people.

It is extremely adaptable, so it would work for someone who has been used to the CxT blade or a Pro blade user. As the most popular blade of the three, you can use it to adjust your training intensity to meet your physical needs.

  1. Bodyblade Pro – Best for Intense Workouts

According to the manufacturers of Bodyblade, the Pro is the original design that has existed since 1991. The classic provides the widest range of resistance. Moreover, this model provides the highest levels of resistance. Therefore, it is the most challenging of the three and helps achieve a very intense workout.

This blade is not for you if you have poor core stability, coordination, or motor skills. Only those who have built up their strength, resistance, and coordination can effectively use this blade. Moreover, those seeking to take it to the next level will enjoy using this Bodyblade. Like all other Bodyblades, it comes with an exercise wall chart and access to its complete online exercise library.

The Pro is the largest of the three and the heaviest, so taller and bulkier people will be able to handle it better than young children and old or frail people.

What’s Inside the Kit

A rubber handgrip is in the middle of the blade’s body, making it easier to hold the blade while exercising. In addition to the blade itself, the Bodyblade kits come with an exercise wall chart. Moreover, you can access an online exercise library if you do not want a physical copy. 

The wall chart details about 30 different exercise positions to use Bodyblade. So you can easily come up with work poses for muscle definition and training. You will also get access to their free online workouts and exercise content, and you can buy an exercise DVD and wall chart separately from them.

Lastly, you can buy a cool carry bag from them that you can sling around your neck and shoulders for easy transportation.

Features of Bodyblade

  • Design

The classic Bodyblade has a weight of 0.8 kg and a height of 4 feet. This size makes it suitable for most people. It has a compact design that allows you to use it even in your home gym. Due to this design, you can also keep it almost anywhere. It is an effective piece of equipment that does not require large storage space. 

There are three Bodyblade types depending on the outcome you want. They have similar designs but may have slight differences in weight and length.                                                    

In addition, unlike many other exercise instruments, Bodyblade works in a way that people of different exercise levels or strengths can use it. When you apply more force, you will need more strength for stabilization. Hence, people of any fitness level can make use of it. 

  • DVD and Exercise Chart

Bodyblade classic kit includes an exercise wall chart containing 30 dynamic exercises. It also comes with an instructional DVD. The exercises are easy to follow and range from beginner to intermediate.

They recommend you work out with it 3 to 5 times every week. The different exercises in the exercise wall chart will help several aspects of your body and overall fitness. 

Following this particular workout routine will help you be more consistent. It will also ensure you use the item correctly to get the most out of it. Moreover, you will be able to work out your lower and upper body muscle groups.

  • Inexpensive

Getting a workout instrument as effective as Bodyblade would cost you a lot. This is because they are usually more complicated, not because they are necessarily better. 

It may have several parts that cause the price to be more than that of Bodyblade. However, if you can get an effective workout tool that comes at a reasonable price, Bodyblade is the way to go. 

Bodyblade is made of good quality rubber which means it will not get damaged easily, and you will be getting actual value for your money.

Also, Bodyblade has so many uses. Usually, there are separate fitness tools for different functions. There are separate tools for improved endurance, strength, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. Getting a Bodyblade will help you with all these without buying separate tools or devices, helping you save money.

  • Good for Rehabilitation

Bodyblade can be used as an effective rehabilitation tool. Getting safe tools and an environment for people who need rehabilitation physically is very important. Also, you would not want more damage done during the process. 

A tool like Bodyblade can help improve patients’ performance without causing harm. Hence, it is perfect for rehabilitation.

Bodyblade helps improve endurance, stability, coordination, etc. All these attributes make Bodyblade an excellent rehabilitation tool and useful for those who want to condition their bodies. 

One of the major components of physical rehabilitation is balance. The ability to control your body perfectly and have good balance is vital. An older adult might have a harder time coordinating their body and balancing. With Bodyblade, it will not become an issue, and anyone can use them for workouts.

Bodyblade can be used for rehabilitation programs due to stroke, shoulder injury, spinal injuries, chronic disability, etc. You can also use it for sports training and a better workout routine. 

  • Improved Performance

Bodyblade is used for normal workout routines because it helps your body’s overall functioning. Moreover, this product helps your core, shoulder, and pelvis become more stable. 

Exercising various body parts results in better function, affecting your overall body condition. It increases your fitness level making your usual day-to-day activities easier. If you are into sports, it can also lead to better performance. 

The good thing about Bodyblade is that it can be used by everyone regardless of their sports ability. Moreover, it adjusts to the unique needs and abilities of everyone. 

  • Easy to Use

One of the unique things about this product is its easy use. It means you can skip any sophisticated process or long setup procedure before using it.        

To use, you have to pick it up, and then you can start following different exercises from the chart. You can do several exercises with it, depending on what muscle groups you want to work on at that moment. 

The usual method of using the Bodyblade is to hold it in the center and then move it back and forth. It is very easy to use, so even older adults can use it. 


  • Easy to store
  • Anyone can use
  • You can control the resistance 
  • There is no risk of injury when used the right way
  • Carry bag available
  • Very effective for physical therapy
  • Color variations available for the Classic and CxT
  • Provides great value at a great price
  • Adapts to its user’s physical capacity
  • More affordable than most useless fitness junk
  • DVD and exercise wall chart available separately


  • Your wrist might get sore if you don’t warm up before you start to work out.
  • It does not help you to lose a lot of weight.

How to Create a Bodyblade Workout

There is no need for complicated exercise routines with Bodyblade. It works with inertia and vibrations to create resistance equivalent to the force you use to move it. 

All you have to do is maintain a pose while gripping it and moving it with your wrists to get the desired resistance effect. The muscles it will condition depend on the pose you maintain.

For example, if you are trying to train your biceps, an underhand pose may be ideal, whereas an overhand pose would work better for your triceps. The blade comes with an exercise wall chart to find all the right exercises that target specific areas. There are 30 dynamic exercises you can use the blade to perform on the chart. 

You can easily create a routine from the chart or use the poses on the chart to create your unique poses. You may decide to stick to the exercises on the chart and pick exercises that target the muscles you are trying to train. If you use it well, you will find that it can effectively train and strengthen most of your muscles.

Final Thoughts

Body blades can be a great addition to your exercise equipment. It’s great for those workout days when you do not want to hit the gym but still want to get some exercise. You can use it safely in your home, and following the exercise chart will give you the best results.

Moreover, it is made by a physical therapist. So you can be sure they have considered the needs of your neuromuscular system to create a tool that works. 

Furthermore, reviews on Amazon and other legitimate platforms reveal thousands of buyers who loved their purchases. Even physical therapists recommend the blade to their patients in need of physical therapy.

Lastly, it comes with a limited one-year warranty that should cover manufacturer faults on the item. It is also quite affordable for its many benefits, so there is no reason to hesitate about buying Bodyblade. 

If improved wellness, strength training, and motor coordination are something you would like for yourself, get yourself a Bodyblade kit.

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