Can You Lose Belly Fat on a Rowing Machine?


For decades, or even for centuries, belly fat is something that has been pestering mankind. Even Christopher Columbus and his great, great grand-father was rumored to have suffered from protruding belly!

Belly fat is quite annoying and somehow, limits you from buying that dress or whatever piece of clothing equipment you are eyeing. It prevents us from having that confidence to go to the beach half-naked (or naked!). The good thing is you can exercise your way to that perfect (almost!) bod. Can you really?

The world is clamoring for a one-size-fits-all solution to no avail! Maybe you are wondering if you can lose belly fat on a rowing machine. Perhaps you are wondering how you can lose belly fat fast! Should we give up and live with excess belly fat? Or should we keep pushing (or rowing!) forward?

Here’s the thing. Our fitness journey is not at a dead-end, err, yet. Belly fat is just a hurdle that we must put behind us.  In fact, this may just be the beginning, and you have a lot of valid questions in mind. Now, let’s take a more in-depth look at how you can lose belly fat using a rowing machine.

Why We Gain Weight

Losing and gaining weight is a matter of how much you eat and how much you move. Imagine fueling up a car. When you fill your tank, the fuel adds up to the overall weight of the vehicle. Now, as you consume your fuel, your car loses weight. If you don’t visit many places, you won’t be consuming that much fuel. If you don’t drive, you don’t consume fuel. When you drive fast, you consume a lot more. Simple, isn’t it?

The fuel consumption analogy of the car is quite similar to our bodies but not quite. We consume food (fuel) and burn it as we move. But our bodies are smart. We are designed to adapt and preserve the excess calorie intake we had for our survival in the form of adipose tissues.

These adiposities are found under the skin and mostly concentrates on the arms, belly, thighs. In short, we store energy (in the form of adipose tissues) around our bellies, arms, and legs! So, in principle, the excess food we eat is preserved by our body and stored underneath our skin, covering the belly area! Thus, protruding belly, my friend!

Our belly fat, in essence, is an energy deposit. If we eat too much and don’t move that much, we will have an abundant store of adipose tissues in the form of flabby, flabby belly fat.

Now, how do we get around this phenomenon? The simple answer is we have to eat enough and move around enough to keep the balance. The practice of mindful consumption of calories and staying fit with exercise are critical factors in losing weight and that pesky belly fat.

Can You Lose Belly Fat on a Rowing Machine?

Breathing, moving around the house, going to the mall, walking your dog, and taking a walk in the park and all activities we do, burn calories. Even while resting, we burn calories as our internal organs never seize functioning to maintain homeostasis.

More rigorous activities like rowing, running, elliptical laps, swimming, cycling, and similar activities burn more calories than walking or doing nothing. Now, the quality of exercise determines how much you burn. Higher heart rate during a workout means you burn more calories and essentially help you get rid of that belly fat.

So, can you lose weight and belly fat on a rowing machine as well as in an elliptical machine? Well, yes, you can! But, remember, the amount of fuel you take will affect your progress. If you want to lose weight and trim that belly fat, you should burn more calories than what you take in.

In Summary

Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine? Of course, you can. Here’s another secret, you can lose belly fat faster if you carefully watch and note what you eat. A food and workout journal would help you see your progress and easily add more or taper the variables in your journal.

If you are not losing weight, chances are you are eating enough to fuel all your daily activities plus the workout routine on your rowing machine. From here, there are two solutions you could take. First, you can increase your workout duration to burn more, or you could simply decrease your caloric intake.

If you analyze it carefully, it’s just a cause and effect thing. If you are working out and still gaining weight, you might be taking too much food or exercising too little. Here’s another scenario, if you don’t have enough energy to perform exercises and you don’t generally feel well, maybe you exercise too much or eat too little.

Rowing machines are effective, like many cardio and strengthening equipment out there. Now, all you need to know is to educate yourself on how to properly use it and how you balance your food and exercise.

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