Crazy Nutrition Ultimate CRN5 Review

Want to pull off those last reps powerfully without torturing your poor muscles? A creatine supplement is your knight in shining armor.

Ask any bodybuilder about what creatine does to muscles; they’ll turn into a full-blown scholar by highlighting its importance for healthy muscle growth, strength, and recovery. Moreover, the charm of creatine lies in the fact that it’s healthy, unlike steroids which are harmful to the body.

However, the quest to find the right supplement is no easy feat as you will be compromising taste, quality, and just everything if the product doesn’t meet its mark. That’s why we’ve brought the review of Crazy Nutrition Ultimate CRN-5 today to see if it’s worth the hype.

Gym enthusiasts are going crazy over its rich creatine formula, and we thought, why not? Let’s try this out and determine if it could become our most favored creatine formula of the year. 

What Is Crazy Nutrition Ultimate CRN5?

Just like protein powder, creatine supplements are most recommended by gym trainers for people who’d like to build lean muscles, do more reps, and just feel more energized after workouts. Crazy Nutrition Ultimate CRN-5 is one such creatine supplement manufactured and developed by Wolfson Brands (UK) Ltd. 

The brand offers multiple products that will meet your gym needs like 100% Tri-Protein, Mass Gainer, Intensive Pre-Train, and Ultimate CRN-5. Their Ultimate CRN-5 is particularly famous and recommended by IFBB pros like Nelson Lopez and TV fitness experts like Danni Levy.

The brand vows to offer quality products that provide 100% satisfaction to its customers. The rich natural creatine formula flaunts the goodness of five different creatine types and has premium electrolytes to keep you well-hydrated and energized during your workout. The powder mixes well and is meant for daily consumption, and if you don’t feel the 5X energy it promises to offer, then there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Moreover, it comes in two flavors – mango and orange, and lemon & lime, so you don’t have to worry about the unappetizing taste of creatine, unlike other brands. 

What’s “Crazy” About Crazy Nutrition Ultimate CRN5?

People who are well-versed in creatine supplements will instantly notice the unique formula of Ultimate CRN-5. For first-timers, they’ll have to research quite a lot about creatine and then know what the real deal about this Ultimate CRN-5 is. Besides, someone who hasn’t suffered from using second-grade creatine supplements, which only feature creatine monohydrate or HCL, wouldn’t know the importance of landing quality creatine.

The Crazy Nutrition Ultimate CRN-5 consists of five creatine types: Creatine Citrate Pyruvate, Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine Ethyl Ester, Tri-creatine Malate, and Creatine Hydrochloride (HCL). All these creatine types combine to prove wholesome for muscle growth, gaining muscle mass, improving muscle strength, and intensifying your daily workout. Be it resistance training, track, gym, or CrossFit – this creatine supplement works for every athlete.

However, that’s not what appeals to bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts like us who know the importance of natural creatine products and what shoddy ones can do. The fact that their creatine formula is made in FDA-approved facilities and features effective ingredients only with 100% transparency screams authenticity from all directions. 

Thus, if you’ve long been searching for ideal creatine that won’t leave you bloated with an upset stomach, Ultimate CRN-5 won’t be disappointing to try. To prove the point, we have listed its rich ingredients and how it can help do more reps and benches while improving muscle recovery.


Proteins are essential building blocks that help lift more while you’re huffing for breaths during the last reps. However, normal body proteins aren’t enough for a regular session at a gym, and that’s where the need for clean and natural creatine that boosts protein synthesis arrives. 

The high-octane protein creatines with premium electrolytes and aquatic minerals present in the Ultimate CRN-5 are great for the body, and we’ve highlighted their goodness below.

1. Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate is the most common type of creatine, and it contains 87.9% creatine content. It’s used in most supplements and is safe with no side effects, as reported by the International Society of Sports Nutrition. It’s known to improve exercise performance during resistance training, improve aerobic endurance performance, and help increase fat-free mass. 

It boosts energy, helps repair and recover muscles, and increases muscle strength by aiding the natural production of phosphocreatine in the muscles. And guess what? The Ultimate CRN-5 contains 3,750 mg creatine monohydrate per 11 g serving!

2. Tri-Creatine Malate

The Ultimate CRN-5 contains 500 mg tri-creatine malate per 11 g serving, which is made of three molecules of creatine with malic acid. When combined with malic acid, creatine becomes water-soluble, and the former especially helps in energy production, cell metabolism, and reducing muscle fatigue. 

3. Creatine Hydrochloride (HCL)

Creatine isn’t water soluble, and that’s why it’s combined with hydrochloric acid for increased absorption. The result of this is called creatine hydrochloride, which makes creatine more stable and prevents bloating, and that’s why Ultimate CRN-5 contains HCL for better absorption.

4. Creatine Ethyl Ester

Esterisfying creatine brings out creatine ethyl ester, which is claimed to increase the water solubility of creatine monohydrate, stay hydrated, and reduce bloating. Although CEE isn’t that researched as opposed to creatine monohydrate, a study showed that CEE improves oral absorption, unlike creatine.

5. Creatine Citrate Pyruvate

Creatine citrate pyruvate is a result of combining creatine with pyruvic acid. A study proved that creatine citrate pyruvate might benefit endurance via enhanced aerobic metabolism, even more so than creatine citrate. That’s why the Ultimate CRN-5 contains 250 mg creatine citrate pyruvate per 11 g serving.

6. Sodium

Sodium is important for proper muscle contraction and relaxation, maintaining a steady balance of water and minerals, nerve health, and nutrient absorption. It also improves hydration by maintaining electrolyte balance. Hence, the Ultimate CRN-5 contains 1.25 g sodium per 11 g serving.

7. Potassium

The Ultimate CRN-5 contains 128 mg potassium per 11 g serving, an electrolyte known for maintaining fluid balance and retention in the body and regulating muscle and heart contractions. Post-workout, potassium might help muscle recovery while preventing fatigue and muscle soreness.

8. Aquamin Ag

The Ultimate CRN-5 contains 300 mg calcium per 11 g serving from sources rich in marine, known for being more bioactive than regular calcium carbonate. It helps in absorption, digestion, maintaining bone health, hydration, etc., and is made with Arabic gum. 

9. Aquamin Mg

The Ultimate CRN-5 contains 56 mg potassium per 11 g serving with 15% Nutritional Reference Value (NRV). Just like calcium, Ultimate CRN-5 features potassium from marine-rich sources only and might help improve muscle health, recovery, and overall cellular functions. 

How To Take Crazy Nutrition Ultimate CRN-5?

Unlike other creatine supplements on the market, which have a loading phase or need cycling, Ultimate CRN-5 is meant for daily consumption. It can be taken daily without any issues, and it dissolves in the water pretty quickly.

You can add it to your smoothies or simply mix it with water, which tastes pretty good. It’s available in orange and mango, and lemon & lime flavors. All you have to do is add one full scoop of CRN-5 to 16 oz water and drink it 30 minutes before the workout. 

We won’t say you’ll feel an instant boost in energy after drinking the supplement, as it isn’t a magical potion that offers instant results when you haven’t even lifted a finger. Though a certain increase in strength will be felt, and you’ll be able to lift and bench harder than before. 

Benefits Of Crazy Nutrition Ultimate CRN-5

The anaerobic environment of a gym needs creatine supplements for better muscle energy production; thankfully, Ultimate CRN-5 provides just that. It fuels ATP in our muscles when we’re about to give up when reps become too hard with its five different creatine forms. It promotes protein synthesis, providing maximum strength and intensifying workouts, and acts as our silent yet powerful companion. 

Ultimate CRN-5 is your top creatine supplement with a more potent formula than other formulas on the market. It improves healthy body composition by promoting healthy muscle formation, which leads us to perform better during high-intensity training. 

Moreover, creatine’s most common side effects are muscle cramps, dehydration, and an upset stomach. However, that’s not the case with Ultimate CRN-5; it keeps you perfectly hydrated as it contains a premium blend of minerals known for muscle hydration. You wouldn’t feel muscle cramps, too, as the supplement will ensure muscle recovery post-workout.

Here’s what a scoop of Ultimate CRN-5 would do to you.

  • Intensifies workout regimen
  • Keeps hydrated
  • Doesn’t cause muscle cutting and preserves muscles
  • Boosts strength
  • Encourages speedy muscle recovery 
  • Promotes lean muscle mass and helps in muscle growth

Final Remarks

By now, you would’ve already known our take on Crazy Nutrition Ultimate CRN-5 – it is simply fantastic! From the formula to its rich ingredient list, it didn’t disappoint us like the other creatine formulas on the market. We were pleased with how it delivered what it promised.

Now, note that it’s no magic potion as you won’t feel buffed up all of a sudden after just 2-3 days of taking it. But you’ll surely realize the difference in performance after regular consumption. 

That said, we’ll be signing off now. Good luck on your journey to achieving a ripped body! 

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