D-Bal Review

Bodybuilding enthusiasts who are worried about shrinking testicles and Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) search for a legal alternative to Dianobol, like Crazy Bulk’s D-Bal.

D-Bal has become a must-have among gym and bodybuilding enthusiasts because of its natural formula with zero side effects. It boosts protein synthesis and pumps amino acids into the muscles for better performance. 

As Dianabol isn’t only illegal in the US but also unsafe with multiple side effects, it’s unsurprising why D-Bal is so hyped up. That’s why we’re here today with an unbiased D-Bal review and see if it meets the standards of being a great natural bulking agent. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the review and uncover the muscle gains promised by the brand.

D-Bal Review: What Is D-Bal, And Is It Safe?

Newbie fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts wouldn’t have extensive knowledge of anabolic steroids and what they can do. However, the same isn’t the case with those who have benched harder and grown ripped, lean muscles with the influence of the same. 

Although illegal and unsafe for consumption, the anabolic gains of steroids drive people to try them out. And that’s what led to the development of D-BAL, a natural and safer alternative to D-Bol. 

If you have no idea about Dianabol (D-Bol), know it’s a bulking agent used heavily by bodybuilders for muscle growth and rapid muscle gains. However, the increased consumption of D-Bol neither makes it legal nor safe for your health.

Most anabolic steroids are expensive and need to be cycled to maintain proper health, but they still lead to a large number of harmful side effects like heart or liver failure that no one wants to experience. Therefore, Crazy Bulk had this crazy idea of developing a legal steroid, which wasn’t only helpful for lean muscle growth but was also safe for consumption.

That’s how D-Bal came out to be, a dietary supplement featuring natural ingredients which is great for bulking up without any significant side effects. It boosts protein synthesis and testosterone production and promotes lean muscle mass. And if you maintain a healthy diet and pair the supplement with a religious workout session at the gym, then the results will be blasting. 

Besides that, Crazy Bulk is known for supplanting anabolic steroids with its natural products like DecaDuro, Anadrole, Trenorol, etc., which sound like steroids but aren’t. 

That being said, is it actually safe? D-Bal is safe with little to no adverse effect as it only contains natural ingredients. It’s great for muscle gain and won’t negatively affect your sexual health, unlike anabolic steroids, though it’s better to consult your physician before using them.

What’s Different About D-Bal?

Unlike other bulking agents that vow to be 100% natural but fall short when it comes to delivering promises, D-Bal is certainly an intelligent choice. Bodybuilders aiming to earn their IFBB Pro card like Chris Tripp are getting tanked on this natural supplement rather than steroids which tells a lot about its success. 

The first and most prominent difference between D-Bal and other supplements is that – “D-Bal isn’t Dianabol,” and you won’t be held guilty for using the same. Unlike the latter, whose possession would lead you to a detention cell, D-Bal is natural and legal; hence, no prescription is required for using the same. 

Other than that, you don’t have to worry about the million side effects that D-Bol carries like balding, erectile dysfunction, breast enlargement, acne, etc. People over 18 years of age with no prominent health issues can take this supplement, and it won’t have the negative effects that most anabolic steroids cause. 

Loaded with powerful, organic ingredients like Ashwagandha and Suma Root, D-Bal readily passes as a natural supplement that works well with the natural body constitution and boosts strength and recovery.  So, with D-Bal, you will be choosing healthy muscle growth and empowerment without worrying about adverse effects.


D-Bal has been developed and heavily endorsed as a legal alternative to steroids to gain muscle mass and promote muscle recovery and soreness after every gym session. Its special formula that goes a step ahead from building muscles to treating them is developed with the finest, carefully hand-picked ingredients by nutritionists in GMP-approved facilities.

The natural formula with quality and potent ingredients work in conjunction with each other to provide tremendous results. So, if you want to ensure the safety and assess the performance of D-Bal as opposed to Dianabol, go through the rich ingredients of this dietary supplement below.

1. Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)

You can’t supposedly lift more with weak bones, and that’s why D-Bal contains vitamin D3, which according to a recent study, might help improve muscle strength. This becomes especially important for vitamin D deficient people, and if you are one, then D-Bal has the perfect solution. 

Vitamin D might also increase testosterone production, according to a study posted on NIH. That’s why every serving of D-Bal provides 7.5 mcg of vitamin D3, so know that whatever is going into your system is safe and empowering. 

2. Magnesium (Magnesium Oxide)

Gym sessions are seriously no joke, and you can’t possibly pull extra reps without any energy in your muscles, and that’s what magnesium provides. It fuels energy in muscles, improves performance, increases flexibility, and overall improvement in muscle and nerve functioning. 

Therefore, D-Bal features magnesium, and you’d be taking 60 mg of the same per serving.

3. MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

Weightlifters and bodybuilders already know about methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and its positive effects on the body after an exhausting gym session. If you don’t, then know that MSM has been known to decrease pain caused by extensive physical exertion and could help alleviate pain. 

One study noted attenuation in post-workout muscle and joint pain after MSM supplementation, and you’d be happy to know that D-Bal contains MSM. Every serving of the supplement will provide 800 mg to reduce post-workout muscle soreness and cramps.

4. L-Isoleucine

Isoleucine is an amino acid, and as such, it’s important for the body’s physiological functions like growth and immunity. Although its benefits are yet to be explored and researched, it’s said to be beneficial for controlling blood sugar, increasing endurance and muscle recovery, boosting energy, speed, etc. 

D-Bal features L-Isoleucine, and every serving of the same contains 300 mg of it. 

5. Suma Root (Pfaffia Paniculata)

Suma Root, a.k.a. The Brazilian ginseng, or better yet, “the Russian secret,” has long been applauded for its health benefits. It’s rich in vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, and other useful nutrients that are best for increasing workout performance. Other than that, it also features ecdysterone, which is an anabolic agent resembling testosterone that promotes lean muscle mass and increases stamina. 

The β-ecdysterone present in suma root facilitates protein synthesis, which in turn helps in healthy muscle growth without any adverse effects. That’s why D-Bal features suma root extract, and every serving contains 200 mg. 

6. Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera)

Ashwagandha, a medicinal herb, has been used for centuries to counter various ailments, and now, its usage and benefits are being researched in great detail. Its rejuvenating properties are known to decrease stress and anxiety, and according to a study, Ashwagandha supplementation can enhance muscle growth and strength. 

The study also highlighted that Ashwagandha supplementation also led to a “reduction in exercise-induced muscle damage.” So, it’s great that every D-Bal serving contains 200 mg Ashwagandha. 

7. Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate)

The spectacular results of hyaluronic acid in promoting youthful skin aren’t unknown, and it’s also believed that it can be helpful for muscle and joint flexibility. It might also reduce muscle cramps, soreness, and pain after an intense workout. 

Therefore, every serving of D-Bal contains 30 mg of hyaluronic acid. 

Other than the above-mentioned ingredients, D-Bal also contains hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, silica, magnesium stearate, and tribulus terrestris (fruit). All these ingredients work in conjunction with each other to provide great results.

How To Take D-Bal?

Unlike other dietary supplements, D-Bal can be consumed daily without worrying about negative consequences. The brand recommends taking it daily for better results, at least two months to notice any visible difference in muscle mass and growth. 

A bottle of D-Bal contains 90 capsules, and you need to consume three per day as recommended. This means that your one bottle will last a month only, and you’d need to buy more for further benefits. Other than that, it’s mentioned that the capsules need to be consumed 45 minutes after your workout.

Also, remember that you need to supplement it with a great workout routine and diet; otherwise, all your efforts would be naught. If you follow the instructions well, then rapid gains are just a month away, so don’t forget to follow an excellent workout routine with a healthy diet. 

Benefits Of Taking D-Bal

The benefits of taking D-Bal over other dietary supplements are manifold. Its rich formula, jam-packed with the goodness of many beneficial ingredients, is unrivaled, and that’s why people are dropping their plans of taking anabolic steroids altogether. 

People realize the importance of healthier alternatives that promote protein synthesis and increase muscle mass without any harmful side effects. And D-Bal is one such alternative that provides muscle gains without any pain. This is the reason why it’s being promoted as a legal and safe alternative to steroids like Dianabol, even though it isn’t. 

It features natural ingredients for speeding up the muscle-building process and increasing energy levels during workouts. D-Bal helps treat muscle cramps, lose excess fats, boost physical strength, etc. The natural components present in D-Bal are safe for consumption and aren’t harmful to the liver or heart, unlike Dianabol. 

We have further highlighted the benefits of D-Bal below.

  • Natural and safe
  • Better focus
  • Quick post-workout recovery
  • Intensifies workout with optimum energy
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Boosts testosterone levels

DBULK: Legal Dianabol Alternative Other Than D-Bal

If you’re wondering about other Dianabol alternatives like D-Bal, then know that Crazy Bulk isn’t the only company producing legal and safe alternatives to Dianabol. Brutal Force’s DBULK aims to provide the same benefits or even more than Dianabol, and it’s completely safe and legal without any harmful side effects.

Brutal Force manufactures 100% safe and legal steroid alternatives prepared in FDA-registered and GMP-certified facilities, and DBULK is one such alternative manufactured by the company. It contains Ashwagandha, MSM, puncture vine (Tribulus Terrestris), sodium hyaluronate, suma, vitamin D3, and L-Leucine for rapid muscle growth and recovery.

DBULK features a fast-facing formula for intense workouts and acts as a testosterone booster without the unpleasant side effects of steroids. It will bulk you up and provide explosive energy during intense resistance training or HIIT workouts. And the best part? It’s a little cheaper than D-Bal, though not much. So, if you’re eager to save $5, DBULK is an excellent choice for buffed-up muscles and outstanding workout performance.

Moreover, it’s backed with a 100-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t find the desired results, you can easily get a refund.

Final Remarks

Neither Crazy Bulk nor we promise instant results after consuming D-Bal, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise. D-Bal mimics Dianabol, but it isn’t an anabolic steroid that will boost your strength after just a day. It must be paired with a great workout routine and diet for effective results.

Still, it’s an effective dietary supplement that will intensify your workout after continuous use, at least for two months, and there would be no harm in trying it out. It features only natural ingredients proven to be beneficial for your body and intensifies workout routines. 

D-Bal is particularly effective in increasing protein synthesis and boosting testosterone production. So, we’d recommend D-Bal over other dietary supplements to bodybuilders who want a ripped body and fabulous workout performance.

However, even if it contains natural ingredients with zero side effects, do your homework and do not forget to get a physician’s consultation before buying it.

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