Daisy Keech Diet and Workout Routine

Embarking on a fitness journey can be daunting, exhausting, and confusing. However, it can also be fun and leave you feeling healthier than ever. Getting fit requires more than ditching junk food for healthy foods; you need to lead a healthy life. 

Whether for medical or cosmetic purposes, your reason for getting fit plays a massive role in your fitness journey.

Daisy Keech’s diet and workout plan can help you get your dream healthy body. This diet plan promotes clean eating through an assortment of healthy meals and natural foods to help you build muscle. 

The Daisy Keech workout plan includes fat-burning workouts and weight-training techniques to encourage weight loss. Unlike most celebrity workouts, the Daisy Keech workout and diet plan allows an occasional ‘healthy’ cheat meal. 

Let’s dive into Daisy Keech’s fitness practices to understand why she is one of social media’s leading fitness influencers.

Who Is Daisy Keech?

Born in 1999, Daisy Keech is a fitness influencer, social media personality, and Instagram model. She has a massive online community, with millions of followers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. 

Daisy Keech is a former founder and member of The Hype House, a collaborative content creation studio for content creators. Owing to multiple disagreements with Hype House’s manager, she left the establishment in February 2020. 

She wanted to pursue a career in the medical field but chose not to when she realized it wasn’t for her. This is when she found her love and passion for fitness, subsequently rising to fame on social media. Daisy shared her fitness posts on Instagram, which is where her fame began. She then migrated to other social media platforms and continued to showcase her fitness content. 

Keech’s diet and lifestyle choices significantly contribute to her success in the fitness world. Her social media platforms mainly showcase fitness and lifestyle content, like the food she consumes and workout videos. She eats nutrient-rich meals and stays active to keep her body lean. 

Also, Daisy stays away from empty calories plus processed foods and opts for more natural fiber-rich foods. Her body is all-natural, as certified by a medical professional in front of her millions of followers. 

The Daisy Keech Diet Plan

Daisy Keech eats three full meals – snacking twice in between – and drinks a gallon of water daily. She doesn’t eat before her morning workout; eating before can lead to gastrointestinal issues since the body takes longer to digest. 

Keech’s breakfast is usually a whey protein shake, which she makes with almond milk to build lean muscle. Occasionally, she swaps out the whey protein shake for a serving of nutritious oats to maintain a healthy diet.

After breakfast, she snacks on either Greek yogurt, a frozen yogurt bar, and vitamin-rich fresh fruit like kiwi. Daisy bulks up on protein-rich foods like brown rice served with two grilled chicken patties for lunch. Sometimes she includes salmon and feta cheese instead of grilled chicken patties. 

Keech’s post-lunch snack is typically a second almond milk protein smoothie. Contrastingly, she adds almond butter, frozen spinach, and fruits to this mix for extra nutrients.

Daisy Keech is allergic to eggs and nuts (which are rich in protein.) Therefore, she ensures she gets some of it from the almond milk or almond butter in her protein shakes. 

Dinner for Daisy Keech is similar to lunch but with more vegetables. This dinner could include brown rice with a leafy salad and Greek dressing. Alternatively, it could be lean animal protein like chicken, pork, or salmon with either brown rice or quinoa. 

Moreover, a random cheat day for Daisy includes grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, or donuts – carb foods she loves but avoids. 

Daisy Keech’s Foods to Eat and Foods to Shy From

Due to the extensive nutrient-stripping process, the Daisy Keech diet plan avoids refined sugars and processed foods. For example, white bread and junk food, which are ‘empty calories’, because they provide little nutritional value. Avoiding processed sugar helps with weight loss and boosts metabolism, so it’s healthier to exclude them from your diet. 

Besides, foods containing artificial additives can disturb your body’s natural state, posing various health risks. 

Keech’s diet focuses on building a healthy body, building healthy muscle, and maintaining it through exercise and nutritious meals. She leads a vegan-influenced lifestyle, so most of what she consumes is gluten, dairy, and lactose-free. But, her casual cheat meal may contain meat and non-vegan ingredients. 

Moreover, Keech believes the key is to create or find a balance between nutrition and exercise. As a result, her diet is as strict as her workout routine. 

The Daisy Keech Workout Plan

Daisy’s workouts include a good warm-up and cool-down, low to moderate resistance exercises, and most importantly, hydration. Her standard daily exercise routine targets the glutes, legs, core, and upper body. 

Most of Daisy Keech’s workouts require no equipment; all you may need are resistance bands and dumbbells. Moreover, the initial step – which is the most important step – in all her routines is the full-body warm-up exercises.

Daisy Keech’s ten-minute glute workout includes various exercises you can pair with resistance bands or a resistance band wood. Keech’s ab workout is the longest and most intense. The upper body workout is the second longest and may require dumbbells. 

Daisy’s fitness routine is flexible, and you can tailor the practices based on your body’s requirements. However, you should practice discipline and set fitness goals if you want visible results. Thus, following a structured workout routine and a strict diet plan is essential. 

Furthermore, the instructions are pretty clear, so you don’t need a personal trainer. 

Daisy’s Warm-Up Routine

  • Cross Jacks (30 seconds)
  • Side Lunges (30 seconds)
  • Arm circles (30 seconds in each direction) 
  • Basic squats (30 seconds)
  • Jumping jacks (30 seconds) 
  • Kick-backs (30 seconds) 

Glute Workout

  • Goblet squats (10 reps)
  • Kick-backs (10 reps) 
  • Rest period (15 seconds) 
  • Glute bridges (10 reps) 
  • Donkey kicks (10 reps) 
  • Reverse bridges (10 reps) 
  • Rest period (30 seconds) 
  • Pulse squats (10 reps)
  • Standing glute raise (10 reps) 

Ab workout 

  • Basic crunches (15 reps)
  • Bicycle kicks (15 reps) 
  • Jack knives (15 reps) 
  • Russian twists (15 reps) 
  • Rest period (30 seconds – 1 minute) 
  • Toe taps (15 reps)
  • Reverse crunches (15 reps)
  • Scissor kicks (15 reps)

Upper Body Workout 

  • Jumping jacks (12 reps)
  • Burpees (12 reps)
  • Arm circles (12 reps)
  • Shoulder planks (12 reps)
  • Rest period (30 seconds)
  • Dumbbell lateral raises (12 reps x 2) 
  • Incline bench presses (12 reps x 2) 
  • Squat position lat pulldown (12 reps) 
  • Trunk lift angels (12 reps)

Leg Workout 

  • Side lunges (15 reps)
  • Box squats (15 reps)
  • Glute bridges (15 reps) 
  • Rest period (30 seconds)
  • Child’s pose (15 reps) 
  • Seated twists (15 reps) 
  • Star stretches (15 reps) 

The Daisy Keech Lifestyle

Daisy Keech stays active and believes that keeping your muscles flexible by stretching keeps your body healthy. Keech also notes that all bodies are different, and the end goal will not look the same for everyone. 

However, it is vital that you love the body you’re in, regardless of what it or others look like.

Daisy Keech practices fasted cardio, which is working out in the morning before you eat anything. This practice encourages your body to use stored nutrients while you exercise instead of the newly ingested nutrients. 

Daisy Keech’s supplements are primarily whey and vegan protein shakes. After each workout, Daisy drinks a fast-absorbing protein shake which repairs and grows muscle. Additionally, fast-absorbing smoothies transport amino acids to where your body needs them most. 

Furthermore, the protein makes you feel fuller, decreasing your chances of snacking too much. Daisy Keech doesn’t pride herself in being a fitness model; she wants to motivate her followers to move more. 

Keech sells her workout programs, fitness recipes, and exercise equipment – namely resistance bands – on her website. Moreover, Daisy’s programs range between two to twelve weeks, plus she has programs targeted at specific body parts. 

Her fitness content is her primary source of income, but she has multiple endorsements from well-known non-fitness brands. In addition, her YouTube lifestyle vlogs create an additional source of income for the fitness influencer. 


The Daisy Keech diet accommodates various food groups, and the Daisy Keech workout routine is inclusive. It relies significantly on bodyweight exercises which erases the need for gym equipment.

Daisy Keech’s workout and diet plan promotes eating clean foods, post-workout practices to maintain muscle health, and interval training. Her workout videos are easy to follow, and her exercises benefit targeted body parts.

Keech’s diet excludes processed sugars, artificial supplements like energy drinks, and excess carbs. She eats nutrient-packed foods and supplements her diet with whey protein shakes and fresh fruit to keep her body lean. 

Daisy takes forty-five-minute walks every day for her cardio workout. Her lifestyle practices make her a worthy fitness model; needless to say, she has earned her success in the fitness world. As a result, her diet plan and exercise routine are reliable tools to utilize on your fitness journey.

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