Sustanon 350: How Does It Work? Benefits & Side Effects

The male sex hormone, testosterone, is responsible for maintaining a high level of sex drive, physical and mental energy, as well as a healthy musculature.

Should you suffer from a deficiency of this hormone, you are likely to face symptoms that affect not only on your physical health but mental health as well. This makes it a pressing issue that must be solved at the earliest. That’s where anabolic androgenic steroids like Sustanon 350 come in.

Sustanon 350 provides the hormone testosterone to the body via an intramuscular injection. Each injection is used to build a repository of the hormone in your body, which depletes over time.

Disclaimer: We don’t recommend taking steroids. Try the safer alternative below.

Testosterone Esters

Sustanon is a steroid derived from four different testosterone esters and is administered via an intramuscular injection. You can find the quantity of testosterone in your steroid injection by looking at the number following the word ‘Sustanon’ in milligrams. Meaning, every milliliter of Sustanon 350 contains 350 milligrams of testosterone.

These esters that form Sustanon are known as testosterone isocaproate, testosterone decanoate, testosterone phenylpropionate, and testosterone propionate.

The number also indicates a slightly different chemical framework of the steroid. Sustanon 250 is a combination of the aforementioned esters, while Sustanon 100 only contains testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate, and testosterone isocaproate.

Uses Of Sustanon 350

Anabolic steroids compensate for low testosterone levels in your body, as they are derived from the hormone testosterone. In the medical field, the steroid is used to treat men’s hormonal imbalances, providing a push for delayed puberty and treating muscular atrophy. Bodybuilders also use it to develop muscle mass and improve their strength.

Some people use Sustanon to increase the production of testosterone in their bodies and resolve issues related to their libido. When used in prescribed doses, steroids have a positive effect on a person’s body.

As A Treatment For Testosterone Deficiency

Testosterone deficiency can lead to the onset or worsening of several illnesses. There usually is no singular cause for lowered testosterone levels in most cases. But, there are rare cases where the pituitary gland secretes more hormones than necessary, resulting in interference with the body’s testosterone production.

With blood tests, you can have your testosterone levels checked for signs of deficiency. Your doctor will keep a close eye on the results of your blood tests and instruct you accordingly. The signs of testosterone deficiency include:

  • Symptoms of diabetes
  • Risks of underlying heart issues
  • Unusual blood pressure
  • Increased insulin levels
  • Chances of prostate cancer

Sustanon 350 can be used as a treatment for low testosterone levels before these serious health problems have a chance of manifesting. It will restore the natural testosterone levels in one’s body and potentially prevent the risks mentioned above.

Benefits Of A Sustanon 350 Injection

The benefits of a Sustanon injection are not limited to bodybuilding and medical usage. There are several others that will bring about a complete turnaround to your life in the wake of low testosterone levels. Some of the minor benefits may include increased growth of facial hair and the following:

1. Increased Strength

Sustanon 350 promotes muscle mass growth and as a result, you’ll experience greater strength with regular steroid injections. It’s a particularly strong variant as well, so it has a more significant effect on your body.

2. Improved Blood Circulation

If you administer a Sustanon injection once every week, you’ll find that the blood circulation in your body has seen an improvement. This is noticeable during workouts, as the steroid prevents the buildup of lactic acid in your muscles, allowing you to work out harder before needing a break.

3. Higher Appetite

Since you’ll be working out more often, it’s only natural that you work up a good appetite as well. A larger appetite means that you’ll have more calories to burn during a workout session. With a proper, balanced diet, you will have higher gains in muscle development than before.

4. Greater Post-Workout Recovery

Going hand-in-hand with improved blood circulation, Sustanon 350 will reduce the time you need to recover after a taxing workout session. You’ll be able to be back at it and develop your muscles even further because of this property of the steroid.

5. Decreased Body Fat

Testosterone is crucial in the fat burning process. Since Sustanon 350 increases muscle gain during workout sessions, you’ll be breaking down all of your excess fat in the process. Combined with a proper diet, it can bring a significant change to your lifestyle.

Side Effects Of Sustanon 350

Steroids have been misused by some people for as long as they have existed. Using these hormonal injections can lead to several problems that can be minor or major in scale, and they should not be injected in quantities more than the prescribed amount. If misused, they can even lead to neurological side effects as a result of the steroids affecting the central nervous system.

Some of the common side effects of Sustanon 350 are:

  • Nausea
  • Acne
  • Irregular blood pressure
  • Altered libido
  • Reduced sperm count
  • Stomach pain
  • Headache
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Growth in breast glandular tissue (Gynecomastia)
  • Sleep apnea
  • Impotence
  • Mood swings
  • Hallucinations
  • Chances of renal failure
  • Blood clots
  • High cholesterol levels

If you’re in need of a steroid injection, it’s vital to remember that steroids can cause addiction. It would be better to prepare for such an event beforehand so that you can stop administering the Sustanon injections as your recommended dosage lowers gradually.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: An Alternative To Steroids

Though both treatments use testosterone, Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) differs from steroids in the amount of the hormone used. The hormone replacement therapy is generally used to combat testosterone deficiency directly and is not targeted toward bodybuilding. It is also safer as a result since steroids may result in long-term damage to your internal organs.

What the hormone therapy aims to do is to add back the amount of testosterone missing from your body. This results in mood improvement, ranging from a minor increase in positivity to a significant one.

TRT is available in a few different forms, rather than the intramuscular injections that steroids are limited to. As a result, they can be personalized to suit what you prefer.

1. Skin Patch

Skin patches are placed on the upper arm or body to allow the hormone to transfer through the skin. These are applied once per day and are completely painless, resulting in a more pleasant treatment experience.

2. Gels

Testosterone gels are absorbed through the skin, much like the skin patches. The gel (applied once a day) can also be applied through a pump that delivers the prescribed amount.

3. Mouth Patch

This is applied to the upper gum between the lip and incisor releases testosterone over time through the oral tissues. It has the benefit of being quick to apply, making the treatment a smooth experience.

4. Injections And Implants

There are testosterone implants that are planted directly into soft tissues. The implants are in the form of pellets that are absorbed by the body over time.

Much like steroids, the hormone can be injected into the muscles directly. It forms a deposit of testosterone that seeps into the bloodstream over time.

Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy shares some of the benefits of Sustanon 350 injections, improving your quality of life in general once administered. They are:

  • Increased sexual desire
  • Improved muscle mass
  • Reduced excess fat
  • Improved physical and mental energy

Side Effects Of TRT

The hormone replacement therapy doesn’t come without its share of side effects. Some of these are similar to those of Sustanon 350 since they share the same hormonal base.

The side effects of TRT are:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Skin disorders
  • Enlarged prostate (benign prostate hyperplasia)
  • Worsening of prostate tumors
  • Enlarged breasts (Gynecomastia)
  • Reduced sperm count
  • High blood pressure
  • Male pattern baldness

If you have a heart condition, discuss the prospects of beginning TRT with your doctor.


1. How often should I inject Sustanon 350?

The exact dose and frequency of a Sustanon 350 injection will be determined by your doctor. Generally, the steroid is administered intramuscularly once every three weeks.

2. How quickly does Sustanon 350 take effect?

You’ll see some of the benefits of a Sustanon 350 injection, such as improved physical energy, within three to four weeks of the first injection. For them to last long, you will require Sustanon injections over a longer period of time.

3. How long can I use Sustanon 350 for bodybuilding?

Though you should always consult a physician when determining the length and dosage, you can continue using Sustanon 350 for up to two years without many adverse effects. 

4. Is exercise necessary after a Sustanon 350 injection?

You may observe a significant increase in your body weight if you neglect exercising after regular Sustanon 350 injections. This is not limited to Sustanon, however, as all kinds of testosterone therapies can cause an increase in body fat. 


It’s always a good idea to consult a physician before using steroids. Depending on what your body needs, the dosage may vary quite a bit. 

There is also the matter of Sustanon being difficult to purchase, as it cannot be bought without a prescription. The internet is rife with websites that sell fake products, scamming potential customers out of their money. So, check a website’s details before making a purchase.

Try a safer alternative instead: Testo-Max

Steroids can lead to hormonal imbalances as well and may lead to conditions like gynecomastia, so it would be wise to approach them with caution.

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