What Is Tren Cough And How To Avoid It?

Bodybuilders swear by Trenbolone or Tren because it improves muscle mass, cuts fat, and accelerates healing. 

Its remarkable effects may convince you to make it a part of your routine to reach fitness goals. But before you take the plunge, let us tell you that Trenbolone is one of the most dangerous anabolic steroids on the market. 

Acne, insomnia, anxiety, balding, liver damage, cancer, thyroid, low T levels, and high blood pressure– are some side effects Trenbolone users experience. And a short-lived side effect of this injectable steroid is Tren cough which occurs when Trenbolone irritates the lungs and airways. 

Accompanied by wheezing and shortness of breath, the cough lasts for about a few minutes. That said, we’ll now discuss in-depth what Tren cough is and the measures you can take to avoid it from occurring. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the deets! 

What Is Trenbolone?

Discovered in 1963, Trenbolone Acetate was released by Finaplix in the 1970s for veterinary use. Precisely, it was launched to increase the muscle mass and appetite of cattle while cutting down body fat. 

Later in the 1990s, a French pharmaceutical company released Trenbolone for humans to treat muscle wasting, osteoporosis, and AIDS. Soon after, this version was discontinued in 1997 because of the side effects people experienced after injecting it into their bodies. 

Since then, Trenbolone has been added to the list of prohibited drugs and is produced in underground labs. Like other anabolic steroids, a valid prescription is required to buy the Trenbolone drug. 

Unlike other steroids, Trenbolone can not be consumed orally; therefore, injecting it is the only way to take it. 

Tren Cough– What Is It?

One of the first side effects that users experience after injecting Trenbolone is Tren cough. The violent coughing fits subside within a few minutes of taking the steroid and are usually accompanied by shortness of breath. 

What exactly triggers the Tren cough is not known to medical science, but the high androgenic activity of the Trenbolone steroid is thought to be the culprit. Precisely, it triggers certain prostaglandins, also called inflammatory lipids, that lead to vasoconstriction and inflammation. 

Vasoconstriction happens when the Trenbolone steroid constricts the pulmonary arteries, limiting blood flow to the lungs and causing breathing difficulties. In most cases, the anabolic steroids enter the bloodstream, move to the lungs, and block blood vessels. Often regarded as pulmonary oil microembolism (POME), it causes a life-threatening condition called pulmonary embolism. 

Two other popular steroids that trigger coughs are Deca Durabolin and testosterone enanthate, but Trenbolone causes severe coughing attacks compared to others. Although common, not every user experiences Tren cough, so the effect of the steroid varies from user to user. 

Besides the content of benzyl alcohol present in the vial, the concentration you go for determines the severity of the side effects you’ll experience. 

How To Avoid Tren Cough?

So, you’ve decided to give Trenbolone a go but are worried about the violent fits of coughs that may occur after injecting the steroid into your body, right? 

Some may advise you to inject the drug on the left side, while others suggest doing a few breathing exercises to suppress the cough. Sadly, there are no precautionary measures that you can take to avoid experiencing Tren cough, but sheer luck. 

That is to say, if Trenbolone doesn’t hit a blood vessel, your body will absorb it through the muscles and spread across evenly. 

From low to high concentrations, Trenbolone is available in a variety of options, but you must start with a low concentrated vial to see your body’s reaction to the drug. Also, make sure you choose Trenbolone acetate that isn’t packed with benzyl alcohol because it’s likely to trigger the Tren cough. 

With such powerful anabolic steroids, side effects are inevitable; but there are certain things that you can do to minimize the effects. They are as follows:

1. Use Sterile Equipment

First things first, always use sterile surgical equipment to inject Trenbolone into your body. Sterile syringes and needles minimize the risk of infection, which is the culprit behind the irritation of the airways and lungs. 

2. Inject The Steroid Slowly

Trenbolone isn’t like other steroids or Tetanus injections that you can inject in any manner you like. Whether you’re a pro bodybuilder or a novice fitness enthusiast, injecting the steroid slowly into the body is important.

If you inject Trenbolone quickly, it will enter the bloodstream, pass to the lungs, and block one of the pulmonary arteries in the lungs. This condition is known as pulmonary embolism, leading to health complications and death. 

3. Warm Trenbolone Before Injecting

Before injecting Trenbolone, you may warm the vial by placing it in a cup of hot water for a few minutes. Warmed steroids are less likely to shock or irritate the system, reducing the possibility of violent Tren cough. 

Other Side Effects Of Trenbolone Anabolic Steroid

Being one of the most potent anabolic steroids, Tren cough isn’t the only negative effect that users experience after injecting Trenbolone. There are many other short and long-term effects associated with the Trenbolone cycle. 

1. Testosterone Suppression

Little do people know that Trenbolone is a progestin, so it suppresses testosterone production in the body. Even worse, the body may stop producing testosterone completely, affecting personal lives. 

Other than erectile dysfunction, Tren users may suffer from testicular atrophy. That is why you must always consult a medical practitioner before adding Trenbolone and other potent steroids. 

The only way to kickstart your body to produce natural testosterone is by following Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). 

2. Increased Blood Pressure And Cholesterol 

Adding Trenbolone to your daily routine not only shuts down the body’s ability to produce testosterone, but also shoots up your blood pressure. 

Often referred to as hypertension, high blood pressure hardens the arteries and forces the heart to pump blood harder than it does. As a result, users are likely to suffer from kidney disease, stroke, and heart failure. 

Another health risk that users run into is high cholesterol levels. When Trenbolone is introduced to the body, it suppresses high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and shoots up low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. 

Over time, low LDL increases the risk of suffering from a stroke or heart disease and damages the arteries. 

3. Gynecomastia

As Trenbolone doesn’t stimulate estrogen receptors, the majority of athletes and bodybuilders believe that it cannot cause gynecomastia or enlarged breasts in men. But that’s not the case; Trenbolone increases progesterone, a female hormone that regulates the menstrual cycle in women. 

The problem worsens when people stack Trenbolone with Anadrol, Testosterone, Dianabol, or other estrogenic steroids. 

4. Liver And Kidney Problems

You’re undoubtedly focused on achieving lean muscles and a ripped physique, so you’re hitting the gym, eating protein, and injecting high doses of Trenbolone into the body. 

While you may be successful in achieving a lean build, the anabolic steroid is unhealthy for your kidney and liver. High doses of Trenbolone or injecting it more than needed will cause irreversible damage to your internal organs. 

So, if you’ve been taking Trenbolone for quite some time, check the color of your urine to detect underlying health issues. If your urine is dark in color, consult a doctor immediately as it’s a strong indication that you are suffering from a liver or kidney disease. 

Even if everything seems fine, we suggest you take Trenbolone under the supervision of a doctor and get your kidney and liver regularly monitored to avoid health complications. 

5. Visceral Fat

Anabolic steroids may burn subcutaneous fat, but unfortunately, they increase visceral or hidden fat deep inside the belly. Instead of being ripped, your body may appear bloated, so you’ll have to work hard to shed those extra pounds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Icing Down The Injection Site Reduce The Risk Of Tren Cough From Occurring?

Some steroid users believe that icing down the area before injecting Trenbolone may reduce the risk of cough attacks. While it may numb the area and shrink blood vessels and capillaries, there are no reports to back this claim. 

Even if you ice down the site before the Trenbolone dose, make sure you follow other protocols that we’ve mentioned above to prevent inflammation and vasoconstriction. 

Q2. Is Tren Cough Dangerous?

Tren cough isn’t life-threatening per se but is a mild side effect that users experience soon after injecting Trenbolone into their bodies. Just make sure you take the steroid under the guidance of a healthcare professional who knows how to handle this medical condition. 

Other than Tren cough, Trenbolone users may run at the risk of prostate cancer, liver and kidney disease, and increased blood pressure, among others, which are potentially dangerous. 

Summing It Up

Tren cough usually lasts for a few minutes, but if it doesn’t subside within some time, make sure you consult a doctor immediately. 

Other than Tren cough, there are certain serious side effects such as kidney and liver disease, increased blood pressure, and anxiety that you must watch out for while taking Trenbolone. If you notice any of these health conditions, discontinue the steroid and get a health checkup done to detect underlying issues. 

On that note, we’ll sign off for today. Make sure you eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and get enough rest. Adios! 

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