Where Should I Put My Treadmill in My House?

Are you wondering about where to put your treadmill in your house? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered for you! 

You should put your treadmill in your home where there’s ample space, such as a spare room, basement, or living room. Fitness fanatics suggest keeping your treadmill in the lower section of your home. 

Besides, this article will also help you decide:

  • How much space is required to keep your treadmill at home?
  • How to choose the best room for your treadmill?
  • How to choose a treadmill for small living spaces?

How much space is required to keep your treadmill at home?

Keeping a treadmill at home is an exceptional choice, especially for those who lead a busy life and don’t have much time to hit the gym or run on the road. But since it takes up a good amount of space, you should know how much space is required if you plan to keep one in your home.

In doing so, you can head straight to the store and purchase the right one!

Typically, a treadmill measures 3′ x 6′ x 5′, but more space is needed for proper ventilation and safety. To install a treadmill, you’ll require a space of at least 7′ x 12′, and ceiling clearance should be at a minimum of 8′. 

Also, ensure that you leave a space of 2′ on both sides as well as the front and 6′ behind the treadmill. Leaving some space will allow you to use it efficiently and prevent the machine from overheating. 

How to find the right treadmill for your home?

More often, people focus only on the measurement of the treadmill and then decide to keep it where it fits. But that’s not how you should do it. So, let’s do it the right way!

If you’re planning to purchase one, following these steps can help you find the perfect size and model for your home.

Length of the treadmill

The treadmill’s length usually depends on whether your purpose is for walking or running. 

You don’t necessarily require a long deck if you plan to walk. But if it’s for running purposes, then the deck should be able to support your stride. It is so because you need enough space to run comfortably without the fear of falling. 

Most importantly, if you’re a tall person, look for models that are designed with longer decks. For example, a 62′ running deck is more suitable for tall people. 

Check the deck cushion

The deck cushion of the treadmill is an essential factor, and you should choose depending on your intended use.

Some superior-built treadmills come with high cushioning and are further off the ground. So you need to keep this in mind and decide whether your room has enough space to keep the treadmill.

A higher deck won’t be a problem if you’re a shorter person, but it can be problematic for taller people. Hence, you should always check the ceiling height while looking for a treadmill.

A 1-inch deck makes a suitable choice if you love running.


Since the motor’s size impacts the machine’s size, you should consider it while purchasing. But don’t opt for a lighter motor to save money as it should be able to last for a long time.

If it’s for running, you’ll need at least 2 to 2.5 continuous horsepower (CHP). You can choose a motor with 1.5 continuous horsepower (CHP) if it’s for walking. 

However, you might need more horsepower if you’re a heavier person weighing over 200 lbs. So you’re better off with 5 continuous horsepower (CHP).

Choose the right CHP so that you can exercise better and can also increase its lifespan. 

How to choose the best room for your treadmill?

To choose the best room for your treadmill, you should carefully examine the available spaces. Doing so can help you keep it in one place without relocating it, as it can be a hassle.

Here are some options for you to choose from:

Spare room

If you have a spare room or bedroom at your home that is barely used, you can use it to keep your treadmill. You can replace the furniture or bed with a foldable sofa and bed. Doing this can help create more space and give you enough room to install your treadmill. 

Also, keeping your treadmill in a space with less activity can help you focus during your workout session.

Living room

If you don’t have a spare room, you can use the living room since it’s often spacious. 

Most living rooms provide excellent views, and you can use the opportunity to turn on the music and enjoy a good view during your exercise. You’ll not only feel comfortable, but also you can enjoy your favorite show while on the run.

Plus, if your entire family uses the treadmill, the living room can be the best place to keep it. 

Garage/ Basement

If the rooms in your house are not spacious enough to fit a treadmill, you can use the garage/ basement. These areas have large spaces and can be excellent for a great workout.

The good part is that you can comfortably take your time exercising without being interrupted. Besides, the sound of the machine won’t be a nuisance to your family members or neighbors. 

Since unused items are mainly stored in the basement, you can also use some creativity to turn them into a mini gym. However, if you’re keeping your treadmill in the garage, you just have to open the door and let the fresh air in.

The downside is that since these rooms don’t have temperature control, they can be hot during the summer and ice-cold during the winter. With this in mind, you can try installing a fan or heater to beat the changing weather conditions. 


It can be the perfect location if your bedroom has ample space to fit a treadmill. It’ll not only be easier for you to exercise, but you can also head straight to shower after an intense workout.

However, if you share your bedroom with your partner or share the treadmill with your other family members, then it can be a nuisance. Hence, you should consider these things.

By keeping in mind these advantages and disadvantages, you can take your time in choosing the perfect room to keep your treadmill.

Some things to take into consideration when keeping a treadmill

Since placing a big heavy machine in your home is not as easy as it sounds, there are also a few points that you should remember.

  • Consider purchasing a foldable treadmill if your room is not spacious. You can easily store it away after your exercise.
  • If multiple people in your family are using the treadmill, install it in a place where it’s convenient for all. 
  • If possible, keep your treadmill in a room with plenty of natural light or sunlight, as it makes a huge difference.
  • No doubt, a treadmill makes a loud noise which can be disturbing to some of your family members or even neighbors. Hence, ensure that it’s placed in a room where the sound doesn’t bother others while running on it.

How to choose a treadmill for small living spaces?

If you’re struggling with space to keep your treadmill, purchasing a foldable treadmill can be a great option. 

Don’t make a mistake in purchasing a smaller model due to space issues, as you might regret it heavily. It’s so because running can be highly challenging if the deck is not long enough to support your stride. 

You can opt for a treadmill that measures at least 140 x 46 cm and ensure that it easily folds and unfolds. 

Horizontal or vertical folding treadmill 

Now, when it comes to choosing between vertical and horizontal treadmills, it would usually depend on whether you’re planning for light or heavy exercise.

Horizontal folding treadmills are usually very light and can be easily stored under the bed once you’re done exercising. But since they’re very light, it’s not powerful and sturdy enough for regular use. 

However, it can be helpful if you’re recovering from injuries or prefer light exercises.

On the other hand, vertical folding treadmills are large and heavy. Though it might not be easy to store or hide it from the guests, it can enable you to work out thoroughly. 

Can you keep a treadmill upstairs?

It depends on several factors and, most importantly, on the type of building and construction of your home or apartment. 

The floor can easily hold the treadmill’s weight if it’s on a building, but apartments are different. The vibration and sound can spread throughout and can be highly inconvenient. 

Hence, if you want to use a treadmill, consider moving to the first floor or let your neighbors know about your workout timing. 

Also, there’s no rule that you can’t keep a treadmill upstairs, but ensure that it doesn’t bother the people around you.

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