Why You Should Avoid The MetaBoost Trial

Bodybuilders following a rigid fitness program want to power up their daily workout with something additional, and nothing seems more promising here than testosterone boosters.

People above the 19 age group start juicing their bodies with T-boosters for more energy and bigger muscles, as many vouch for the effectiveness of testosterone in intensifying workouts. But is the MetaBoost testosterone booster a worthy investment for such males? Today we’ll debunk the free trial offered by MetaBoost and analyze if it’s a go or no-go. 

But before we do that, know that it’s different from the Metaboost Connection program, which offers females who want to be skinny fit, burn belly fat, or simply lose weight. Unlike the Metaboost Connection program, which promises weight loss, MetaBoost is a testosterone booster for males who want to get ripped and increase their performance in the gym.

Check this product out instead.

What Is MetaBoost?

Testosterone is considered the “GOD” of bodybuilding supplements, and definitely, no one will disagree with this fact. Be it for maintaining lean muscle mass or providing extra strength to pull off those last reps without tearing up, testosterone is the way to go. 

Therefore, it’s unsurprising to see bodybuilders go insane over testosterone boosters. They go to extra lengths to pump free testosterone into their bodies for better protein synthesis, the building block of muscles in the body. Accordingly, many companies are jumping into the space, willing to profit from their unhindered motivation and zeal to build a killer body. 

These companies are willing to offer the benefits of bodybuilding supplements like testosterone to people desiring substantial muscle gains and increased performance. MetaBoost is one such company aiming to provide a dreamy body to bodybuilders looking to earn their IFBB Pro card without resorting to anabolic steroids and suffering later on. 

The MetaBoost testosterone supplement has been designed to naturally increase the testosterone production in your body and provide benefits like increased endurance, performance, muscle mass, strength, etc. To further highlight the benefits of taking MetaBoost, as claimed by the company, look at the following boosts provided by the supplement. 

  • Boost free testosterone 
  • Boost recovery time 
  • Boost energy levels
  • Boost metabolism and reduce body fat
  • Boost libido 
  • Boost endurance

But here comes the most critical question of the hour – “Is MetaBoost legit, or is it just a scam to lure would-be bodybuilders into its enticing yet expensive program?” 

To shed light on this matter, we’ll do a full-on post-mortem of the product and the brand to ensure you don’t get enrolled into any shoddy scheme. And what’s better than analyzing a bodybuilding supplement than going through its ingredients list? So, let’s decide the legitimacy of MetaBoost by going through its composition. 

Is MetaBoost Safe? A Walk-through Its Composition

The best way to recognize the authenticity and legitimacy of a product is by doing a thorough analysis of the ingredients, brand, cost, T&C, and other relevant information related to the same. So, let’s see if MetaBoost has in it to be a great testosterone booster and does it stand on par with other supplements on the market today.

MetaBoost contains:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Magnesium 
  • Zinc
  • D-Aspartic acid 
  • Tribulus Terrestris 

All these ingredients are renowned and extensively researched to prove their significance and health benefits in bodybuilding supplements. Electrolytes present in the MetaBoost, like magnesium, promote healthy muscle building by increasing flexibility and reducing muscle cramps and soreness. And MetaBoost features magnesium in its composition to promote healthy post-workout recovery and flexibility. 

Other than that, it also contains vitamin B6, an amino acid promoting protein synthesis, which is important for muscle building. It also helps improve biological functions in the body and is extremely helpful for people who want to grow massive muscles. Zinc is also an essential ingredient of MetaBoost, known to improve aerobic activity in the body and supply ample oxygen to muscles for better performance and muscle building. 

D-Aspartic acid present in MetaBoost is believed to increase testosterone levels, and one study also indicates the same when it was tested on untrained men. However, no notable increase in testosterone was shown in resistance-trained individuals. So, we can’t clearly indicate its effect on muscle building for males highly active in the gym. 

Another ingredient in MetaBoost is Tribulus Terrestris, believed to improve protein synthesis by increasing nitrogen retention by muscles, boosting performance and endurance, supporting fat loss, etc. That being said, all these ingredients aren’t anything special, and some of them aren’t proven to increase testosterone, so we can’t be sure about their effectiveness.

How Much Does MetaBoost Testosterone Booster Cost? 

MetaBoost testosterone booster is available through a free trial program, and after availing one, you’re automatically enrolled in their recurring monthly subscription program. Does it look enticing enough to try? Well, hold on till you hear this. Nothing is free in this trial!

Once you opt for a MetaBoost trial, an initial charge of $4.95 needs to be made (on the pretense of shipping and handling charges for the free trial.) Obviously, this might appear a meager amount, but that’s only when a charge of  $89.95 isn’t made. 

After 14 days of your initial purchase,  $89.95 is deducted from your account for another bottle, and the same will be repeated every month. Hence, even if you’re unsatisfied with the initial trial, your money will continue to be deducted until the auto-ship program is canceled. 

So, is it worth it? We don’t think so, as many cost-effective options are available in the market with genuine customer reviews, which you can always refer back to. 

Cost analysis of MetaBoost Testosterone booster with other T-boosters in the market clearly shows a big difference, even the most famous ones like the ones developed by CrazyBulk. So, we don’t think you’ll make a winning purchase with MetaBoost. 

Final Remarks – Why Avoid MetaBoost? 

Following an exercise program with a proper nutritional plan and having healthy meals can provide the same benefits as the MetaBoost testosterone booster offers. After closer inspection, we didn’t find anything exceptional about its formula, and the ingredients besides D-Aspartic acid and Tribulus Terrestris were something that can be easily obtained from foods. 

So, enrolling in its expensive auto-ship program doesn’t seem worth it. But if you want to get a taste of it, who are we to stop you? Though, it would be better to explore other options available on the market.

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