Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym vs Bowflex Xceed Home Gym Review

Bowflex has been in the market for decades providing the best home gym equipment. They have used a unique power rod resistance system, making their machines the best and most powerful training option in the gym.

Their home gym line has multiple products, including the Bowflex Xceed Home Gym Machine, Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym, Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE, Bowflex Blaze Home Gym, Bowflex Ultimate Home Gym, etc. All these gym machines are the best workout equipment, and they are specially designed for home gyms and have multiple functions.

Let us compare the best Bowflex Home Gym Equipment: Bowflex Xceed Home Gym vs. Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym. Find out which one is the best Bowflex home gym lineup.

Our Pick

Home Gym

Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym system has many impressive features, such as a detachable preacher curl, an adaptable workout bench, and various pulley positions. They help you do multiple workouts with a single piece of equipment to train all your body.

Xceed Home Gym

Moreover, the Bowflex Xceed Home Gym system is a popular piece of equipment that is compact and perfect for home gym use. It is made with a heavy-duty steel frame and provides 210 pounds of power rod resistance system as a standard.

Our Choice

Our pick is the Bowflex Xceed Home Gym system because it has a better design and features than Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym. Moreover, you can only find Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gyms in use or refurbished models because Bowflex has discontinued manufacturing the Ultimate series.

About Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym

Bowflex Ultimate 2 provides comfortable and adjustable workout benches; it comes with a frame made of heavy-duty steel. Moreover, you can find an Ab crunch attachment, protective floor mat, and accessory rack with this machine.

Furthermore, the Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym provides 310 lbs resistance which is variable, and you can upgrade it up to 410 lbs. In addition, this machine has more than 95+ exercise options, and you can seek guidance from the Bowflex Body Plan.

BowFlex Ultimate 2 Home Gym has a detachable preacher curl and adaptable workout bench that also serves as a squat bar. You can train all body parts by following the full-body workout plan for a better and more effective exercise experience. 

Moreover, it has various pulley positions that help you train the upper body, abdominal muscles, and lower body. In addition, Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym also has a fixed-position low cable pulley, high pulleys, and adjustable mid-range. You can fix the pulleys to different positions by sliding the locking pins, as different exercises will help you train your muscle mass from every angle.

Furthermore, this workout equipment also has lat pulldowns, shoulder pads, and a large foot plate with added traction control.


  • Various attachment options
  • A guide DVD to understand exercises
  • Easy to assemble
  • High and durable quality steel frame
  • Power rod resistance can be upgraded
  • Six months warranty for factory refurbished machines
  • 83-page user manual
  • Free copy of Bowflex Body Leanness Program
  • 95+ exercise options for a good full-body workout
  • Protective floor mat available


  • Production stopped in 2007
  • The original product is not available in the market anymore
  • A little expensive

About Bowflex Xceed Home Gym

Bowflex Xceed Home Gym is built for athletes who want to build their core and do strength training. It is compact and covers less floor space in your home gym. Moreover, you can have 210 pounds of power rod resistance and upgrade it to 310 lbs or 410 lbs.

In addition, you can perform more than 65 exercises using Bowflex Xceed Home Gym, which provides multiple options for a full-body workout. 

Bowflex home gyms are the best for strength training and exercise variety to lose weight.

The power rod resistance of Bowflex Xceed Home Gyms provides you the resistance of free weights without the actual weight resistance. Moreover, you are less prone to injury and safety issues that come with free weights. 

Furthermore, you can increment the resistance with 5 pounds each time as Bowflex Home Gym comes with 5-pound weight lots.

Bowflex Home Gyms have many cables and pulley options that provide different angles for different exercises. Moreover, Bowflex Xceed Home Gym has an ab training strap, a lat pulldown bar, a sliding seat rail, a leg extension, and a squat bar.

The rods’ integrity and strength are unquestionable to provide serious strength training. 

You can enjoy a 7-year warranty with Bowflex Home Gyms. Moreover, two people are needed to assemble the Xceed Home Gym.


  • 210 pounds power rod resistance
  • resistance is upgradeable
  • 65+ exercises
  • Compact design
  • 7’ x 4’ floor space
  • 7-year warranty
  • Durable and high-quality steel frame
  • Need a couple of hours for assembly
  • 5 lbs weight increment
  • Additional ab training strap, lat tower, and squat bar
  • multi-functional press arms


  • Less number of exercises than the Bowflex Ultimate

Similarities Between Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym and Bowflex Xceed Home Gym

Bowflex is a famous company for providing fitness equipment for home gyms. We compared two of their famous gym machines, including Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym and Bowflex Xceed Home Gym. Here are some of the similar features that we observed:

Power Rods

The Xceed and Ultimate 2 use power rods as the base for workout functionality.  Bowflex power rods give a different feel than free-weight resistance. Moreover, it becomes tighter with each rep.

Steel Frame

Both home gyms have durable and high-quality steel frames. They have used heavy-duty steel with industry quality. Moreover, the frames of these home gyms are made with quality materials to ensure durability. Hence, you can work out on them as long as you want to achieve your fitness goals.

Complete Full-Body Workout

Bowflex brand provides home gyms that can help you exercise at home. You can do workouts for different muscle groups. Moreover, you can enjoy the exercise variety, including shoulder exercises, aerobic rowing exercises, etc.


Both types of equipment have longer warranty duration. You have to remember, though, that the Bowflex Home Gyms have stopped producing the Ultimate 2 series. Therefore, you will only find factory-refurbished and in-use machines, which only have a 6-month warranty. 

Moreover, if you find a second-hand Ultimate 2 that has been modified or refurbished by the user, chances are that some parts are no longer under warranty. Hence, purchasing a newer model with an extended warranty would be better.

Differences Between Bowflex Xceed and Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym


Both Bowflex models have many differences, one of which is size. Xceed is compact and has 7′ x 4′ floor space. At the same time, Ultimate 2 has larger footprints and needs a larger workout space for easier accommodation.


Bowflex Xceed is affordable compared to Ultimate 2. Moreover, Bowflex Home Gyms have officially stopped producing the ultimate series. Refurbished machines will cost you less, but they only come with a 6-month warranty. Hence, Bowflex Xceed is a better option than Ultimate 2 or Xtreme 2 SE.

Number of Exercises

Bowflex Home Gyms help you do entire-body workouts to reach your fitness goals. You can train different muscle groups from both Bowflex gyms. Moreover, you can enjoy different exercises with these exercise equipment. 

Bowflex Xceed reviews show that it has less exercise variety as it has 65+ exercises, while the Ultimate 2 has 95+ exercises. 

Workout Room

Xceed covers less workout area than the Ultimate 2 because of its compact size and smaller footprint. On the other hand, the Bowflex Ultimate 2 model has larger footprints and requires more workout area.

Power Rod Resistance

Bowflex machines have power rod technology, but Bowflex Xceed has 210 pounds power rod resistance, whereas Bowflex provides 410 pounds as standard power rod resistance. However, you can do a complete body workout with both of these machines’ power rods and resistance. Moreover, their power rod resistance is upgradeable, and you can use them to build muscle and lose weight in stubborn areas effectively.


Bowflex provides high-quality home gyms with a power rod system. We have compared the two best Bowflex home gym machines: the Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym vs. Bowflex Xceed Home Gym.

However, our pick is the Xceed Bowflex model–the best fitness machine for complete body workouts. Using this Bowflex model, you can use any weight stack from 210 pounds to 410 pounds.

Furthermore, we have picked this Bowflex gym as the best one because of its compact size. Plus, it allows you to do 65+ different exercises to lose weight. In addition, you can use a bench press and do rowing exercises with the same equipment.

The main reason for Bowflex Xceed as the best pick is that Bowflex has stopped producing the ultimate series since 2005. Now you can buy in-use or factory-refurbished Bowflex machines with a 6-month warranty only. In addition, they stopped producing this Bowflex gym because of injury issues reported by users.

To summarize, Bowflex home gyms are best for weight loss and strength training as they provide power rod technology that causes fewer injuries than free weight training.

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