Gold’s Gym Switch Plate 100 Dumbbell Review

The increasing interest in home gyms comes with rising demand for exercise equipment. With your own equipment, there is no need to wait in queue for someone to finish, and you can do so in the comfort of your home. If you want a smooth exercise routine at home, you would want the best equipment to rival your local gyms. 

One of the best ways to get into the mood of your exercise routine is to use dumbbells. However, not everyone knows how to select the right ones, especially the right weight and type. So, we bring you Gold’s Gym Switch Plate 100 Dumbbell.

These dumbbells pack some weight, so they work for anyone looking to carry considerable weight. Nevertheless, they are perfect if you lift weights and do not mind upping your threshold to 100 lbs. These dumbbells weigh 50 lbs on each side, so you would be lifting 100 lbs at once if you opt for them.

This article looks at this product, its features, and how they benefit you. With these dumbbells, you can choose to work out in the comfort of your home gym and save some money that would have gone to gym fees. Combine them with other routines, and you will achieve your goals.


The product is from the stables of Gold’s Gym, a wide-reaching chain of gyms in many cities and countries. This company has made a name in the exercise and workout industry, but owning gyms is not the only reason for its popularity. The brand also makes exercise and chain equipment, including the Switch Plate 100 dumbbells.

The dumbbells are one of the decent options on the market. They are adjustable, so you can easily move them around. Also, you can use them for different exercise routines without needing other equipment. Their adjustability makes them easy to store, making them ideal for small spaces. Additionally, they have a weight stand with a storage tray for keeping them when not in use.

Detailed Review of Gold’s Gym Switch Plate 100 Dumbbells

There are a few interesting aspects of these dumbbells that may interest you. They are dependable and work perfectly for beginners. They also come at a reasonable price, which usually seals the deal for most people.

Let’s look at some key features of the product and how they fit your routine.


The dumbbells have an adjustable feature, with the maximum weight being 100 lbs. That means you can have 50 lbs on each dumbbell if you have the strength and capacity to lift that weight. 

You can also tweak the weight range; each dumbbell has 45, 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, and 10 weight options. 

In other words, they are ideal for different people, regardless of their weightlifting capacity. If you own these dumbbells, all you have to do to adjust the weight is to move the sliding plate selector to the proper weight position. Do this until you achieve your desired weight.


They have good quality for the cost. The Switch Plate adjustable dumbbells are of sturdy quality, so they do not quickly wear out. In other words, they will last as long as you need them unless you opt to trade them in for another set.

They also have a stand where you can store them; they are high enough that you do not have to bend to the floor. Rest your arms from time to time by placing the dumbbells on the stand.

Moreover, make storage easy by resting the bells on the stand away from sight. Using the stand is a convenient way to work out at home and not add the extra stress of bending for the dumbbells or having them lying by your foot after your workout.


The dumbbells come with chrome-plated handles that stand the test of time. As fitness enthusiasts, we know that part of the entire process is sweating, including on your palms. Sweat can wear materials out faster than usual, so there is a need for materials that last even when in constant contact with sweat.

Therefore, the manufacturers created these dumbbells with chrome handles. The rubber material in the middle of the handle eases your grip and creates comfort. You have a more prolonged hold on the dumbbells because the rubber over the chrome makes your workout more comfortable. 


Dumbbells are typically easy to carry. Moreover, their size makes them easy to store, so you do not have to worry about crowding your space with exercise equipment.

You can leave them in the boot of your car, your gym bag, or any other small space. They are also convenient and easy to transport. 

You can bring them with you anywhere and use them to improve exercise routines without needing a gym. It is a win-win; you save money on gym membership and transportation with this reliable gym equipment.

Ease of Use

With the increased demands of home gym equipment, you should know that while there are cheaper adjustable dumbbells, not all make it easy to adjust the weight. With these dumbbells, you do not have to struggle to change the weights when needed, especially in the middle of a workout. You will find a knot that allows you to move the weight option on either end of each dumbbell.

Move the knot to select and change the weight; you will have to lift the yellow locking pins to unlock the adjustable part before moving it. Once done, you can lock the yellow part to secure the weight and begin your workout. 

Another excellent aspect of the ease of adjustment is that you can make one dumbbell heavier than the other. You can also make one end of each dumbbell heavier than the other end.

Also notable is that the adjustment pin on these dumbbells is large enough to grab. This is unlike other traditional dumbbells; the adjustment pins are typically small. Others have a small pin, and you have to grip hard to pinch them with your fingertips, making adjustments more difficult than usual.

There is a possibility that the locking pin for the adjustable weights may be difficult to lock—this is easy to remedy. The problem may stem from the inconsistently sized spaces between the plates. Once you have addressed the issue, it wouldn’t be hard to lock the pins.

Customer Reviews

As with many other products, there will always be positive and negative reviews. One user said the dumbbells might not last if you tend to drop them during workouts. That means the bells may break with constant dropping, making them fragile. You should keep that in mind when using them or if you opt to buy them for your home workouts.

A few users had issues with the plates sticking, but they found they could easily adjust and get back into their routine. Some users had good reports about how decent the dumbbells are and how they would recommend them to other workout enthusiasts.

The dumbbells had a comfortable grip, and they liked how easily they could store them after working out because of the stand.

Other users liked how compact and easy the dumbbells were to use. They did not have difficulty putting them together or rearranging the plates when necessary. There was not much to go by regarding aesthetics, but the dumbbells were still nice enough to look at and handle in a general sense.


  • Adjustable weights plates; 10-50 lbs of weight
  • Maximum weight of 100 lbs
  • Suitable dumbbell stand
  • Different weight options
  • Has an easy-to-operate sliding pin adjustment mechanism
  • Small enough to store
  • Comfortable grips
  • Affordable 
  • Easy to use
  • Decent quality


  • Rattling plates during use
  • Unselected plates may stick to selected plates during removal from the stand

Frequently Asked Questions

What weight should I use for Gold’s Gym Dumbbells?

Your selected weight for Gold’s Gym Dumbbells depends on your strength, workout routine, and capacity per time. No one can determine the exact weight you lift except you. Fortunately, the dumbbells are adjustable so that you can choose a suitable weight for your core fitness.

They are adjustable in 5-pound increments, 2.5 pounds at each end. You can start at 10 lbs and move to 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 for each dumbbell. If you select the highest weight, you will lift 100 lbs per time.

Are these dumbbells worth the money?

The Gym Switch Plate 100 dumbbells are affordable for their quality. The handle is chrome-plated with a rubber insert to make your grip comfortable and extended. Some dumbbells may have better quality and Olympic weight plates, but their grips are not comfortable enough for extended workout routines.

So, the cost of the dumbbells is commensurate with their quality. However, it depends on who is using them and their expectations.

What are the possible disadvantages of using adjustable dumbbells?

Every product has its downsides, including adjustable dumbbells. The weight plates can rattle when using them, and you experience difficulty adjusting the weights, especially in the middle of a routine. In addition, the dumbbells may not last long, and you may not get the weight capacity required for your workouts.

On the other hand, adjustable dumbbell sets allow you to change the weight to accommodate your capacity while working out. They also come with comfortable handles that carry various weights. Some even have dumbbell stands where you can adjust the weights or store the dumbbells after workouts, such as the Switch Plate 100 dumbbells in this review.

How easy is it to use Gold’s Gym Switch Plate 100 dumbbells?

These dumbbells are one of the easiest options to use. For example, you can quickly catch and move the lock to adjust the weights. Also, the plates may stick, but you can quickly separate them and continue your workout.

All you have to do is set the weight you want to carry and begin exercising. Stop in the middle of your workout and move the lock to adjust the weight higher or lower as needed. Lock the weight and continue exercising. Afterward, store the dumbbells on the stand to keep them out of the way and avoid crowding the room.

Are these dumbbells ideal for beginners?

Any workout enthusiast can use the Switch Plate 100 dumbbells, even if they only start lifting weights. The dumbbells are easy to use, and this review explains various aspects that make them an excellent option for all categories of trainers.

As mentioned, the adjustable lock or pin is easy to hold, so you will not have difficulty moving the weights, even if it is your first time using adjustable dumbbells. 

Moreover, they are not too heavy, so you can find your pace until you are ready to lift heavier weights. In addition, storing them is simple; put them in your gym bag or a closet if you do not have the stand. Otherwise, place them on the stand for proper storage.


Owning Gold’s Gym Switch Plate 100 dumbbells is a reasonable investment if you need dumbbells with decent quality and an affordable price. You will find it has several qualities for easy home or gym workouts. 

The dumbbells are affordable and straightforward to use. The padded hand grips make it comfortable to hold during extended workouts. It also has a lock mechanism that you can easily adjust. It is durable, thanks to Gold’s Gym’s commercial-grade construction. 

The weights are also decent, with 5-pound increments until you reach the total weight of 100 lbs. In other words, you can use the dumbbells with 10-pound weights or 50-pound weights on each end. You can buy them online to ensure you have the right adjustable dumbbell set.

Hence, it is ideal for any home gym and is a great option for beginners. It is one of the best adjustable dumbbells on the market with its price range. Consider this product if you want to save on going to the gym or workout equipment without compromising your fitness goals. 

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