How To Use A Vibration Plate: The Complete Beginner’s Guide (With Exercises)

The 21st century has been plagued with severe health concerns, from cancer to diabetes. Among these conditions, one of the biggest emerging concerns is obesity and overweight. 

This major health concern can be attributed to several factors, such as poor eating habits, the rapid pace of life, decreased physical activity, etc. But thanks to scientific and technological marvels, especially in the medical industry, today, we stand a chance against this major health concern. 

And one such addition to tackling obesity is a device called the vibration plate. So far, the product has shown impressive results, further supported by tons of reviews on the device. So, if you have the device but can’t figure out how to use it, this is the ultimate guide to utilizing the product.

Exercise machines with vibrations are available today. Even though each one is slightly different, most vibration plates can be used either lying down, standing, or sitting on them. 

If you’re interested to know more about vibration plates, continue reading. We’ll also be discussing other questions, such as:

  • How do vibration plates work?
  • What to Consider about Vibration Plates during Workout?
  • Which Vibration Plates are Suitable for Beginners? 

How Do Vibration Plates Work?

Before we get to the “why vibration plates are perfect” bit, let’s first understand how the device works and what it does to your body during use.

Vibration plates emit oscillations (or vibrations) generated through a motor to the body. These oscillations slightly destabilize the body, thus, causing the muscles to contract to help maintain stability and keep balance automatically. 

The muscles responsible for this action are called deep muscles located on the back. Even more interesting is that these muscles construct around 40 percent of the total musculature, yet the muscles can’t be controlled or trained actively. However, the muscles can be trained passively, where the vibration plates serve as an ideal solution. 

So, when we perform regular exercises via the vibration plate, we don’t just train the targeted muscles but the deep muscles as well. This means you’ll be able to exercise more muscles and take less time. 

What to Consider About Vibration Plates During Workout?

Performing regular exercises is no easy task, especially for beginners. So, if you’re just starting in the exercise department, it’s essential to follow proper measures, especially if you’re using equipment such as the vibration plate. 

Many people tend to overdo things when they begin their exercise routine for the first time. This will likely lead to a terrible sore and stiff feeling post-workout. Hence, take it slow & steady. You may begin with low-impact exercises and slowly move to more intense sessions. Also, when starting with the vibration plate, choose an intensity level you’re compatible with. 

If the intensity is too low or high, you can always adjust it to your preferred setting. Once your body gets accustomed to it, you may slowly increase the intensity afterwards. Just make sure you’re not overdoing it at the start. 

Also, always ensure you’re warming up properly pre- and post-workout on the vibration plate. This can train the deep muscles and improve your upright posture. It is also highly recommended to take short breaks and keep yourself hydrated to protect the nervous system since several muscles are trained at once. 

The Best Vibration Plate Exercises for Beginners

To maximize the advantages of the vibration plate, it’s always better to pair it with a couple of workouts, like performing calisthenics while standing. Calisthenics is simple movements like sit-ups, squats, or push-ups that can aid in weight loss. 

In fact, studies confirm that people who maintain exercise and diet while using vibration machines are likely to cut down more stomach weight compared to people who perform traditional aerobic exercises. 

So, if you’re looking to throw in some exercises, here’s a list of calisthenic exercises to practice while using the vibration plate:

Isometric Squats

For this exercise, stand on top of the machine with your feet shoulder-width apart. After this, hold the handles and balance yourself out. Once you’re well-balanced, bend the knees and squat till your thighs remain parallel against the floor. 

You can stay in this position for around 30-60 seconds and then return to your original position. Make sure to take breaks in between while repeating the process. 

Split Squats

Place the right heel of your foot on the ground while the other foot is placed against the vibration machine. Ensure the right foot is pushed backward, and hold on to the machine’s handles to maintain your balance. 

Once you’ve found your balance, have the back knee lowered slowly and bend both legs simultaneously until the back knee rests at a 90-degree angle. Meanwhile, your front thigh should appear parallel to the floor. Do this for a few seconds, rest, and then repeat the process. 


For this exercise, you can place your hands on the machine platform, lie flat, and stretch your legs behind. During this process, your body should remain completely supported through the hands and feet. 

Next, slowly bend the knees to help the chest descend toward the surface. Remain in that position for some seconds and then push back when your chest is about to touch the platform. 


If you want to try planking on your vibration plate, try putting your forearms on the plate and aligning your shoulders with your elbows. Your body must be in a straight line, from top to bottom.

By keeping your hips neutral and not raising them too high or lowering them too much, your core will be engaged through the tension. Hold the plank for a particular time, and maintain a proper position while doing this exercise.

Calf Raise

A quick and easy workout you can perform with the help of a vibration plate is raising your calves. Putting both your feet forward on the plate’s surface, you can slowly increase the weight pressure on the balls of your feet while raising your heels.

While doing this workout, you must sit straight and maintain a proper posture while you exercise. Lower your heels down and start the movement again. Keep doing this until you’ve performed your specific amount of repetition.

Guaranteed Benefits of Exercising with Vibration Plates

Although there aren’t many proven benefits due to ill-defined research, there are a few guaranteed health advantages that come along with the use of vibrational plates. If you’re planning on using vibration plates while working out, here are some benefits you will achieve:

  • Metabolic levels will rise with exercise.
  • Boosting muscle mass.
  • Amplify the body’s energy.
  • Enhance the strength of muscles.
  • Increase of adaptability.
  • Favorable effects on heart health.

When will the First Results Show Up?

When people start using the vibration plate, they usually have the same question: When will I see the results? Of course, much of this anticipation results from marketing and advertisements experts that often promote the products as mystical potions that can produce overnight results.

So, if you’re waiting for such results, we suggest changing your perspective. Similar to other valid exercises, vibration training also requires tons of effort and sweating from your end. This means no magical instant results. But instead, you’ll have to work hand in hand with the machine and a proper workout routine to achieve your goal. 

The one good thing about sweating out on this machine is that it tends to be much more effective than other common training. Hence, it can help burn down calories much faster, even though it may not be overnight. 

That said, if you remain committed to the vibration plate, you can acquire reasonable results in a short time. However, the machine will work differently for everyone. Hence, there will be some variations in seeing the first results. For some, it may start showing up after some weeks, while others may notice it only after a month or so. 

So, training about 3 times per week for 15-mins is highly recommended to keep up with the commitment. It’s also good to include simple exercises like those mentioned earlier. 

Wrapping Up

With vibration plates, you can experience effective exercising, giving them a guaranteed chance to boost their sales and popularity. Beginners can utilize vibration plates when they work out, and they can be a great addition to their regiment and have only to follow a few steps. So, don’t be in a hurry when you’re performing vibrational training, be patient and wait for your well-sought outcome.

You have to manage your daily intake of calories and boost the physical exercise you have while making sure you stick to goals that are realistic to you. Each goal you overcome and achieve is a victory, no matter how small. 

We’ve provided the necessary knowledge for you. All you have to do now is put in the effort on your part. So, try out vibration plates and start small by feeling the stimulating and relaxing product.

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