Maxi Climber Vertical Climber Review

Due to the small size of apartments, people like to have compact gym equipment that can fit into small spaces. Moreover, it has to be light enough to move around easily and offer a full-body workout so you won’t buy extra gym equipment. While such equipment won’t help in making a good shape, it can help keep your calories and body fat in check. 

Maxi Climber Vertical Climber is a cardio workout machine that mimics the movement of rock climbing. It works on all your major muscle groups. 

The company advertises that it can burn more calories than an exercise bike because it works on your lower and upper body. But does it work? This Maxi Climber Vertical Climber review will cover its features and benefits.


Maxi Climber is a vertical climber machine that offers resistance training. It is simple to assemble and supports up to 240kg. After use, you can fold it and keep it anywhere you want. This is an excellent option if you want a space-saving cardio machine that is not expensive.

While it doesn’t help shape your body like a proper gym workout, it helps reduce body weight and gain muscle toning with simple steps. If you can’t follow a proper exercise routine, visit the gym, or join cardio sessions, this vertical climber can do all that for you.

Since it is easy on the knees and ankles, you don’t have to worry about an intense workout routine. Even those with knee pain can use this equipment, and it won’t cause any discomfort as long as they follow the proper method. Let’s see its features and designs and what else this vertical climber has to offer.

How the Maxi Climber Works

Maxi Climber allows you to climb vertically, giving you a feel of real rock climbing. With its height adjustment option, you can make the overall experience as intense as you want. It works on your upper and lower body, burning calories better than most other cardio machines.

Open the climber, grab the arm bars, and move your feet to start working. The overall movement should be in sync for a smoother workout. However, you can work separately for arms or feet by moving the armbars or pedals.

You might be concerned about its safety the first time you try to use it, but its grip is strong enough to keep the machine stuck to the ground. You’ll work for squats, shoulders, calves, core, and back with a whole-body workout. You’ll burn calories more quickly, making noticeable improvements in less time. 

Maxi Climber Design

Compared to other vertical climbers, the Maxi Climber only uses your body weight as resistance. Thus, your legs and arms are engaged in picking your body weight which delivers better results than most workout equipment. If you don’t have time to visit a gym to use the fitness equipment, this lightweight and solid machine is all you want.

Resistance Type

Maxi Climber is a weight resistance machine, meaning it will use your body weight, and you have to push it up. This gives you a real-life feel of climbing, but since you can’t add more weight, things become easy as you lose the body weight. This machine is perfect as a warmup or if you want to get active before leaving the job. But for a longer time, you might consider getting something that allows adding more weight.


Maxi Climber offers smooth movement even if you only use pedals for lower-body workouts. You’ll experience a smooth and fluid motion as long as you keep the hand and feet movement in sync. There is no need to put excessive pressure anywhere once the pedal starts moving; the overall motion gets in sync automatically.

Frame and Grips

It has an adjustable solid frame making it a suitable option for short and heighted people. The isometric grips offer a wider motion range that you might not find in many stepper machines. On the other hand, you have moveable armbars for a full-body workout and a fixed bar in the middle for lower-body exercise.


You don’t need a lot of space or storage to keep this machine as it is foldable and only 72 inches tall. You can easily fit this in a closet or keep it in a room’s corner.

Digital Display

It also features a digital display to show you the time and how many calories you have burned. The only problem is that the battery might not last long. If you do a 30 min workout session, remember to charge the machine to keep the display running. The battery is easy to replace, so if you get a flat battery upon arrival, you can grab a new one from any hardware store.


Maxi Climber can support up to 240 lbs, but we won’t recommend going all out on it. There’s a high risk of falling as a heavy person. Moreover, you would need to use a lot of force to move the pedals. Therefore, this machine is suitable for someone under 200 lbs. However, if you are near 240 lbs and purchased this machine, don’t speed up; keep going slowly and increase your session time.

Step Height

Step height can be an issue on many climber machines as the steps can only move a couple of inches up and down. Maxi Climber has a total step height of 25 inches. It means when one pedal is near the floor, the next pedal would be 25 inches off the ground. Since this is an adjustable vertical climber, you can adjust the height, but it won’t exceed more than 25 inches. You can try exercising at the maximum height, and if you feel pain in your knees while bending and stretching, this machine is not for you.

Maxi Climber Features

Maxi Climber has some unique features that make it worth your money. Besides being an excellent exercise companion, it has some other stuff that makes your exercise easy and fun.

Ergonomically Designed

One problem that everyone faces while getting an exercise machine is the adjustments. Taller people will require a different machine, and for short people, companies have other machines. Things might get complicated if you want to get cardio equipment for your family that offers an entire body workout.

This is where Maxi Climber comes in with its ergonomic design that is suitable for everyone. With its adjustable height, this exercise equipment is suitable for all body types and heights. Moreover, it can support up to 240 lbs, so even heavyweight people can use it. With its solid grip on the ground and balanced design, it won’t trip even during your intense workout sessions.

Isometric Non-stick and Textured Grips

The L-shaped handlebars are padded and have a textured nonsticky grip. No matter how hard or how long you grab the bars, the foam won’t stick to your hands. However, with time the grips might lose their comfort, but they are easy to change.

The pedals are also textured, minimizing the risk of falling. Use flat shoes with these grips to easily remove your feet in case you lose your balance while exercising.

Dedicated App

There is a dedicated app containing cardio sessions; you can attach it to the machine using the magnetic rack. No more need to stop and check the next cardio step, as you can check everything live in front of you. You also get a free 21-day cardio season with more than 80 recipes. You can track your workout and how many calories you burn in each session. Challenge and see who can win as you share your results with your friends and motivate them. Also, this app notifies you when it is time for exercise, so you never miss your routine.

Exercise and Diet Plans

Apart from the machine and cardio sessions tutorial, you get a free Maxi diet plan that is personalized based on age and weight. Using that plan, you can lose weight and still look healthy and fresh. A free Maxi exercise plan is available, which outlines the routines to help you achieve maximum results.

Low Impact Exercise

The low impact allows this climbing machine to sculpt your core, working on your upper and lower body, making it suitable for all ages. This is perfect for those with knee or back injuries who can’t put excessive weight on either.

Personalized Workout Timer

Maxi Climber has a personalized timer that you can set on its display. The machine will stop once the time is up. The fun part about this timer is that you can set when the machine should start. Once the time is near, the app notifies you, and the machine starts on its own, giving you a heads-up about your exercise time.

Another thing is that you can set intervals using that timer to take breaks in your session. Using that timer, you can engage in high-intensity interval training and see a massive improvement in your results.

Compact Folding Design

There is no need to worry about having lots of space for this high-intensity cardio machine, as you can easily fold it and put it anywhere. While we recommend having a separate space for your workout machine, making some in a small apartment can be challenging, and this vertical climber can help in this matter.


  • 90% is pre-assembled
  • Can hold up to 240 lbs
  • It comes with a digital tracker
  • Thin metal structure
  • Lightweight
  • Good display
  • Uses body weight
  • Made of 100% stainless steel
  • Slip-free pedals and foam hand grips
  • Adjustable height
  • It comes with an app


  • The bearing is not durable
  • Lower weight capacity than other options
  • You can’t adjust the resistance
  • Risk of falling
  • Pedals are not suitable for barefoot workout

Problems With Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

Maxi Climber is an excellent vertical Climber that you can use as an alternative to your aerobic exercise, but since it is a machine, you can expect some problems.

Comfort Issues

The first problem you’ll face is the pedals might start hurting your feet with prolonged use. Moreover, you can’t use these pedals barefoot, and you’ll need soft sneakers. You’ll have to keep adjusting your feet on the pedal to avoid getting hurt.

Another issue that some reported is that they felt pain in their knees and back as they exercised for a long time. They recommended that every user with knee or back pain must not use this machine for longer than they are able.

Also, your posture matters the most while exercising; keep your back straight and your knees in a firm position so you won’t put extra pressure on them. The less stress you put on your back and knees, the less pain you’ll feel.

Quality Issues

Some users complained that the Maxi Climber started making squeaking sounds after two-three weeks of use. However, if you apply some lubricant, the sound fades away, probably a WD-40 to the rails.

Another user had problems climbing the machine as it tilted back and forth. If you feel this kind of problem, always climb as slowly as possible without putting extra weight on any side. On the other hand, don’t place this machine on a soft carpet as it decreases the stability.

Also, beware not to hit the pedals on the floor; start slowly to see how long you can reach and if your feet hit the ground, adjust the height.

Final Words

Maxi Climber Vertical Climber is a good option if you want an intense workout session without paying extra. Since it uses your weight as resistance, you’ll feel like you are climbing a real mountain. This Maxi Climber review covers its design, features, working, and the problems you can face while using this machine.

If you have knee or back issues, remember not to exercise for a long time and keep your posture straight to avoid feeling extra pain.

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